A picture of the Turtle on FOX's 'The Masked Singer.'

Fans Are So Split Over Who The Turtle Is On 'The Masked Singer'


Season 3 of FOX's hit series The Masked Singer premiered following the Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 2. The season premiere featured a group of amazing performers, but one is catching fans' attention for a huge reason: they think a Disney star is underneath the mask. However, fans are currently split between two huge Disney icons, and, for that reason, they can't wait to find out who the Turtle is on this season of The Masked Singer.

The Masked Singer only just premiered in the U.S. in January 2019, but it's already amassed a huge following. The series is inspired by the South Korean show King of Mask Singer. The two series aren't exactly alike, but the basic premises is the same: a star performs anonymously in a head-to-toe costume, and the judges and audience members need to guess who could possibly be underneath the mask. To help them guess, the star gives fans clues about their identity.

For the Season 3 premiere, fans already guessed one star correctly, and that was Lil Wayne, who was disguised as the Robot. Unfortunately, he was the first contestant sent home, but the Turtle still remains. The Turtle performed a stunning rendition of Seal's "Kiss From A Rose," and, based on his flawless delivery, the judges guessed he was a professional vocalist.

Viewers watching at home thought the same, and they narrowed it down to two stars: Jesse McCartney or Zac Efron. Of course, fans gushed thinking about the possibility of a Disney star being underneath the mask. From 2006 to 2008, Efron starred in the High School Musical movies. Meanwhile, McCartney guess starred on Hannah Montana and also lent his vocals to the Disneymania compilation albums. Both Efron and McCartney also had a guest spot on The Suite Life of Zac and Cody. The stars have so many other things in common, and that's why fans are so split about the Turtle's true identity.

In the star's intro clip, the Turtle revealed they were "surrounded by other hungry newcomers" chasing the dream at the beginning of their career, and that he's "ready to break out" of their shell. (FYI: McCartney's big break was in the boy band Dreamstreet.)The video showed the Turtle racing against men in bunny ears, frying burgers, cleaning a surfboard, and winning a medal.

Fans thought the surfboard referenced McCartney's many Teen Choice Awards wins, or his role on Summerland. They were also convinced the singer's voice sounds exactly like McCartney. However, Efron has also won his fair share of TCAs over the years, and he starred in Summerland as well, and it has fans super confused.

Eventually, fans will find out the Turtle's identity as they receive more clues, but for now, they're just having fun guessing all the possibilities.