Here's Everything Bachelor Nation Should Know About Tayshia


Bachelor season is underway and the competition is heating up for Colton's heart. It was literally heating up in last week's episode, when Colton took a group of ladies to a workout boot camp to compete in a series of strength challenges. One lady, Tayshia, stood out among the rest thanks to her joyful attitude and ability to keep a smile on her face even while attempting to drag an entire limo across a field. But who is Tayshia on The Bachelor? Well, behind that bright smile, there's a lot to learn about this Bachelor hopeful.

According to her official ABC bio, 28-year-old Tayshia Adams is a phlebotomist from Orange, California. She spends her days at work drawing blood, which means that she's definitely not squeamish and is tough enough to hold her own in any rough situation (which is probably why she did so well in the strength challenge). In fact, apparently the first thing Tayshia notices when she meets someone is their veins. Colton's veins must have passed Tayshia's test, since she's still vying for his heart. And Colton must also see something special in Tayshia, since Chris Harrison said in the introduction to this season's women that she's "one to watch this season."

Tayshia first caught Colton's eye (and the audience's!) when she introduced herself to him with an elaborate "Tayshia Land." The carnival setup even included pony rides, which turned into Tayshia's opportunity to get some physical contact with Colton giving her a piggyback ride. The whole thing worked out in her favor, since she nabbed one of the very first kisses from Colton.

Colton is definitely not Tayshia's first love, though, since she has been married before. She got divorced in 2017, and it's hard to find any evidence of her ex-husband on her social media. It seems like Tayshia is totally focused on building the new relationship ahead of her instead of thinking about the past, which is definitely a good sign for Colton.

Tayshia clearly has a good heart and a passion for service, since she's been helping her community since she was a kid. She was a Girl Scout for 12 years, and she regularly volunteers with her church, even recently completing a mission trip to Africa. Colton loves to volunteer to help others too, as he's demonstrated with his Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation to help children with cystic fibrosis. It seems like the two could definitely share a mutual passion for compassion.

Tayshia just returned from Africa, but that's not the only place she's visited recently. Her Instagram shows that she loves to travel, since it features photos of her in Paris, Dubai, and the Bahamas.

In her post of her trip to the Bahamas, Tayshia talks about spending 2018 traveling, and she hints that she has a good feeling it was "just the beginning of some amazing travels ahead." Perhaps that means she has some travel with Colton ahead? Only time will tell.

Season 23 of The Bachelor continues at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, Jan. 28, on ABC.