'Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' Season 2 Ended With A Susie Twist That Could Change Everything


There is not necessarily a villain in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, but Jane Lynch's character Sophie Lennon sure seems to come close. Sophie may have only appeared in the final two episodes of the first season, and is absent for most of Season 2 as well, but she looms large over Midge Maisel and her manage Susie for the entirety of Season 2. Not only that, but Sophie is central to one of the biggest cliffhangers of the Season 2 finale. But before we get into that, some fan might need a refresher on who is Sophie Lennon on Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

We first met Sophie Lennon towards the end of Season 1, when Susie managed to talk her manager Harry Drake into letting Midge open for Sophie during her show. Sophie is a major star in the comedy world, having risen to fame for her relatable, down-home humor and catchphrase: "Put that on your plate." Midge quickly becomes a fan when she see Sophie perform, but that admiration changes to revulsion when Sophie invites Midge to lunch and reveals that she is actually a wealthy, snobbish woman who puts on a fat suit and a Queens accent to ham up her stand-up routine. She tells Midge that a woman needs to rely on a gimmick to succeed in stand-up comedy, because men will never take a real woman seriously.

Aghast at Sophie Lennon's revelation, Midge reveals the truth about Sophie during her set at the Gaslight, but Sophie's manager Harry Drake happens to be in the crowd and he tells Susie that she and Midge will be blacklisted from working throughout New York City because of the stunt. And that leads into all of Susie and Midge's professional obstacles in Season 2.

Spoiler alert: The rest of this post will include spoilers from throughout The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 2, including the finale. Not only do Sophie and Harry bar Midge from working in several New York clubs, but they also send a pair of hitmen to kidnap Susie. Luckily, Susie is able to bond with the men and they spare her life, and Susie gets creative with her bookings to find new spots for Midge to perform. But that old rivalry comes to a head again towards the end of the season when Midge gets booked to work the same telethon as Sophie Lennon.


To ruin Midge's performance, Sophie has Midge bumped to the very last slot of the night, right before midnight. Although Midge actually manages to shine in the slot, Susie becomes fed up with Sophie's antics and confronts her, angrily screaming threats at her to leave Midge alone.

Surprisingly, when Sophie calls Susie in for a meeting at her house the next day, she reveals that she was actually impressed by Susie's explosion, saying that she with she had a manager that was as passionate about her as Susie is about Midge. Sophie reveals that she really dreams of being a dramatic actress, but her management team will not allow her to ditch the fat suit and step away from comedy. In the end, she offers Susie the job of being her new manager. Susie does not respond right away, and when Midge reveals that she booked a six-month tour with popular singer Shy Baldwin afterwards, Susie agrees to join her on the tour, not revealing Sophie's job offer.

Season 2 ends without letting us know what Susie will do: take on Sophie Lennon as a client and risk distancing herself from Midge, or turn Sophie down and risk angering Sophie even more. One thing is for sure, though — whatever Susie decides is going to change everything.