This Is TXT's Soobin

Soobin From TXT Has A Secret Talent You Need To See To Believe

Bit Hit Labels/YouTube

Tomorrow X Together's been blowing up on the K-pop scene ever since they debuted in March 2019. Since then, they've swept all the Rookie awards on the Korean award show circuit, which is no small feat. But, with the band being relatively new, you may not be up on all the fun, interesting details behind the individual members, Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Hueningkai. Well, if you're ever playing K-Pop Jeopardy and are asked "Who Is TXT's Soobin?" you'll be more than prepared after reading on.

Even though Soobin is not the eldest member of TXT, he is the leader. As Yeonjun, the actual oldest member of TXT, explained in TXT's Debut Celebration video in March 2019, Soobin may be younger, but he's got all of the qualities of leader. "He's a really good leader and he's so considerate. He's such a nice guy," he said.

Soobin's shy, honest, and heartwarming qualities make him a great leader for the band and also a light to their fandom, MOAs, all over the world. Well, here are a few more Soobin fun facts that are sure to make you smile.

1. Soobin Found A Creative Way To Join Big Hit Entertainment

Becoming a K-pop idol is a dream for many, but it takes some real initiative to get an entertainment label's attention. Soobin was determined to join BitHit, and rather than audition for them in person, he found another way to stand out.

"I took a video with my phone and emailed it," revealed Soobin during TXT's Nov. 8, 2019, appearance on We K-pop.

Watch him explain at the 33:29 mark:

2. Soobin Screwed Up His In-Person Audition

During TXT's debut showcase in Seoul, Korea, on Mar. 5, 2019, Soobin revealed he had a terrible follow-up audition to his emailed video.

"I had arrived at the audition place, but I was so nervous that the microphone was trembling. I was trembling while singing too," he said. “The lyrics were all wrong, and I was thinking like 'Ahh, what should I do?'" Apparently, eat tons of ice cream.

"With an upset heart, on my way home, I bought five ice creams and ate it all. After that, I felt happier since I ate something sweet!" Soobin finished.

Despite how bad Soobin thought his audition went, he still made the band. He must've really impressed the judges.

3. Soobin Is Constantly Working On His English

Besides working hard on his dancing and singing skills, Soobin works tirelessly on his language skills. In TXT's One Dream Secret Diary vlog, Soobin is shown practicing his lines for an appearance and he makes a few mistakes. “Hello. We’re Tomorrow X Together," he started before Taehyun reminded him that he'd forgotten a line. Of course, Soobin pressed on like the professional he is. You can see the moment at the 6:20 mark.

Later on, in a confessional, Soobin opened up about the pressure he feels to perfect his language skills. "Speaking in English is a lot of pressure. I’m worried that our international fans won’t be able to understand what I’m saying," he said at the 7:17 mark.

Well, all of Soobin's hard work paid off. He nailed his lines while performing at TXT's sold-out U.S. showcase tour in May 2019.

If there's anything to be taken away from this list, it's that Soobin is clearly a hard worker and wants to give MOAs the best possible fan experience.

4. He has a dog named Sean.

He introduced his pup to the world on Feb. 6, 2019, only about a month after MOAs met Soobin for the first time that January.

5. Soobin's Got An Odd Talent

TXT's leader can astound audiences with way more than his singing and dancing chops. During TXT's Debut Celebration Show, TXT's members revealed their "Too Much Information" Profile. Soobin's included his birthday (December 5, 2000), nickname (Sloth, in case you were wondering), and even his blood type (A). But one of the most interesting reveals was his strange talent. Soobin's got really stretchy skin, y'all.


To give you a good idea of just how stretchy Soobin's skin is, the band compared Soobin's stretched skin to Hueningkai's "normal" neck skin. Hueningkai’s skin stretched to about three centimeters while Soobin's stretched six!


6. BTS' Jin Is Soobin's Bias

Even K-Pop idols have their own K-Pop favorites. BTS' Jin is Soobin's bias. He was even pictured in Soobin's heart in his "TMI" segment.


MOAs can barely handle the similarities between the two stars.

They also like the same unusual ice cream flavor: corn.

Considering how well TXT has been received in the nine months since they debuted, it looks like Soobin is doing an incredible job as their leader, and it'll be exciting to see how they develop in the years to come.