'Stranger Things' Is Introducing Another Superpowered Kid Who Will Shake Up Eleven's World


Although Season 2 of Stranger Things explored some of Eleven's past, fans still have a lot of questions about what really went on with her at Hawkins Laboratory. Primary among those questions is who are the other 10 patients who were forced to undergo inhumane tests to develop superpowers alongside Eleven. Season 2 introduced us to Eight, a girl named Kali who can create illusions, which only piqued fans' interest more in uncovering the rest of these superpowered kids. Well, now it is time to meet Six. So who is Six on Stranger Things? The new character is definitely going to reveal so much more about Eleven's past.

The mystery of the other Hawkins Lab test patients was one of the big questions left with fans at the end of Stranger Things Season 2. The first season introduced us to Eleven, who developed a powerful telekinetic ability at Hawkins Lab and whose name suggested there were at least 10 other kids like her. Then, Season 2 brought in Eight, a fellow Hawkins Lab captive who developed the power to create illusions, and who motivated Eleven to get revenge on their captors alongside her. Although Eleven wound up leaving Eight behind to return to Hawkins, her introduction brought up the pressing question: Will we meet One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Nine, and Ten now as well?


Well, now we know another one of these numbered kids is about to make her debut. An upcoming Stranger Things comic book from Dark Horse will be centered on Six, a fellow Hawkins Lab captive who developed powers of precognition there. Stranger Things: Six will be a four-part miniseries of comics, as revealed by Entertainment Weekly, that will tell the story of Francine, a girl whose abilities were exploited by her parents and then by Dr. Brenner at Hawkins Lab. Six's increasingly disturbing visions of the future while at Hawkins Lab will eventually lead her to an opportunity that can change her life.

As of right now, all we know is that Six will appear in this four-issue comic book installment — she is not confirmed to show up in the upcoming third season of Stranger Things. But, the first issue of Stranger Things: Six will be released on May 29, which is a little over a month ahead of the Stranger Things Season 3 premiere date on July 4. So, fans of the franchise will already know all about Six before the new season airs, meaning that there could be a chance for Six to show up in the TV series this season.

The new comic series also has the promise to continue with special installments for the rest of the numbered kids, as a way to fill in all the lore about Hawkins Labs for interested fans without bogging down the TV show too much. Fans will have to wait to see if Six or any of the other kids makes an appearance in Stranger Things Season 3 when the new season premieres on Netflix on July 4.