Here's Everything You Need To Know About Robby, 'Bachelor In Paradise's Final Addition


New faces are showing up all the time on Bachelor in Paradise. And Robby Hayes from JoJo's season of the Bachelorette is the latest one to enter paradise. While he was a favorite on that show, not all Bachelor in Paradise fans are familiar with his history. So, who is Robby on Bachelor in Paradise and what's he after in terms of romance this time around?

Well, Robby found love on a previous season of Bachelor in Paradise with Amanda Stanton. Unfortunately for him, that relationship didn't work out as well as he'd hoped and Robby showed his true colors in the wake of the breakup. Back in April 2018, Robby tweeted some private messages he'd shared with Amanda and basically put all their business on blast.

Now that the situation is behind him, he's back in Paradise and looking for love.

Honestly, Robby came at a great time. After the last rose ceremony sent several girls home thanks to a shortage of guys, Robby was more or less a welcome face in the bunch. Except when it came to Jordan.

Robby and Jordan apparently have some difficult history and that definitely plays out in this episode. The two models essentially went head-to-head over Robby's apparent interest in Jenna.

What Robby didn't seem to know or acknowledge was that Jenna is totally committed to Jordan. So, despite the potential for a love triangle here, the situation fizzled pretty fast.

"I was thrown in a situation where I came in late in the game and when you come in late, you kind of have limited options," Robby said of his time in paradise.

Thankfully, Robby made another connection right away with Shushanna and that changed the entire dynamic of the show. For now, at least. Although Shushanna had caused some controversy by pining hard after Kamil, she was able to move past that situation and find something kind of special with Robby.

Despite some of the negativity surrounding Robby's arrival, Shushanna was willing to overlook it and figure him out herself. Not long after Robby's arrival, he and Shushanna went on a really lovely date and it seems like they really hit it off.

Despite his connection with Shu, fans aren't exactly happy that Robby has made a return. Some are pretty much losing their cool on Twitter and have been since they learned he'd be back. Here's what the fans are saying on social media right now:

I think it's safe to say that Robby isn't much of a fan favorite and his appearance on the show has definitely stirred the pot. Most of the other cast mates have been judging him pretty harshly for how he treated Amanda, much in the same way they've judged Shushanna for allegedly being a witch. Needless to say, it seemed like he and Shushannah are off to a good start despite his sketchy history. The good thing about this was that Shu and Robby committed themselves to getting to know each other before they make any judgments.

I guess everyone will have to wait and see how the relationship turns out! Hopefully, it's for the best and they find true love!