Here's What 'Daredevil' Fans Should Know About The New FBI Agent In Season 3

by Ani Bundel

This season of Daredevil introduces several new characters, from Sister Maggie to Bullseye. But one of the more overlooked newcomers is part of the FBI's team of investigators, the one who makes a deal with Fisk from the beginning. Who is Rahul "Ray" Nadeem in Daredevil Season 3? Warning: Spoilers for Daredevil Season 3 follow.

When viewers first meet Ray at the beginning of the season, he's a family man with family problems. He and his wife played the benevolent caregivers in a working-class family, paying for the cancer treatments to help out his wife's family and racking up debt to do it. Nadeem believed he'd be fine, he just needs a promotion, and they'd dig out. But with the FBI debt and credit scores are a Catch-22. The more you owe, the more of a risk you are for corruption.

Nadeem seemed to be stuck in a no-win situation until a lucky break came out of nowhere. A routine conversation with Wilson Fisk suddenly offered a breakthrough. Fisk's fear over Vanessa had pushed him to the point where he felt the need to cooperate, and Nadeem was somehow, miraculously, the man who had done it, taking down the head of the Albanians on Fisk's intel. By the middle of the season, Nadeem was sitting pretty with a promotion, the money rolling in, and his family saved.


But as anyone who has made it through more than a couple of episodes knows Fisk is playing the FBI like an orchestra. The shanking by Jasper Evans, which got the FBI to move him out of prison was staged. Nadeem has been his patsy from the start. Nadeem needed this break. Fisk needed a man who would believe without asking questions.

This also works to Fisk's advantage when Karen and Foggy begin desperately pushing back once Fisk's plan slides into place. Fisk is working to remove all the competition he has in the underworld, while also taking out Daredevil. It is not in Nadeem's interest to listen to them. It's in his interest to believe when Fisk tells him the next target he should take out is Matt Murdock.


But as the evidence mounts the "Daredevil" Nadeem sees because Fisk wanted him to and the real Daredevil are two different people, Nadeem now is stuck in a brand new Catch-22. Fisk is a man who murders anyone who creates a bump in the well-paved road in his plan. As long as Nadeem lies flat, he can stay safe, keep his promotion, pay back his debts and, most importantly, his family will remain safe.

But Nadeem has a conscience. This means it's tough to lie flat as it dawns on him Karen Page and Foggy are right. Looking into Jasper Evans, and discovering the stonewall the prison puts up about how he got out, when he should be in solitary after shanking Fisk, is a dead giveaway. But the more Nadeem learns, the less likely it becomes he'll make it home to his family.