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Emma Chamberlain's BFF Olivia Is A YouTuber You Should Get To Know

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Social media sensation Emma Chamberlain often features her equally-as-intriguing BFFs in her vlogs. In her "Riding Across LA On a Scooter" video posted on Monday, Jan. 27, it was her pal Olivia Rouyre who stole the show. While Rouyre has been a hit YouTuber for years, now that Chamberlain's video featured her, more followers than ever are wondering who Olivia Rouyre is, and I have the answers.

The first video posted to Rouyre's YouTube page dates back to January 2015, and she surpassed 10,000 followers in just a few months after it went live. Clearly Rouyre has a way with words. As of January 2020, she has more than 680,000 subscribers.

On her personal page, Rouyre shares everything from beauty tutorials and get ready with me videos, to casual hang out sessions with her closest friends. She is also part of the YouTube collaborative channel called The Rad And Reckless, along with Tatiana Rigsby and Eliza Rose.

Rouyre was born in Belgium, but now lives in Los Angeles. She previously roomed with photographer Josie Musgrave, but it appears Musgrave has since moved to New York City. Rouyre has an older sister named Sixtine, who currently works as a model.

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Rouyre is also pursuing acting. Actually, she's already snagged a major role in the film Zero Road. The film, in which she'll star as Annabelle, is currently in pre-production. The movie is about "a gifted teen who turns to drug running to save his mom and survive his last year of high school" and co-stars Sierra Burgess Is a Loser actor Brandon Thomas Lee.

Rouyre is dating fellow YouTuber Mikey Murphy. The couple kept their romance under wraps for a year before going public in January 2020 in honor of their one-year anniversary. The pair celebrated the milestone by sharing sweet Instagram tributes to each other, surprising no one (their followers suspected they were together for months).

"1 year of doing things w you," Rouyre captioned her post.

Murphy gushed: "Happy one year lovaa @oliviarouyre thank you for one of the best years of my life. Let’s do it again sometime?"

Murphy's mom, Monica, clearly stans the couple and was happy they finally confirmed their relationship. "Aww!! Yay!" she commented on her son's post. "Now I can post all my pretty pictures of the two of you❤️❤️ Happy one year to the sweetest couple😘 love you!!"

It's clear from Rouyre's upbeat, positive attitude that she's got a bright future ahead of her in the entertainment industry.