Maske Singer Miss Monster
Here Are 4 Theories About Who Miss Monster Is On 'The Masked Singer'

by Ani Bundel

The Masked Singer returned for a third season, with the premiere directly following the Super Bowl. The series first aired in the U.S. in January of 2019 and became the most significant reality show hit in years. Guessing who is under the mask (and costumes) has practically become a national pastime, and the Season 3 premiere was no exception. But of the six singers introduced, none garnered more excitement than Miss Monster. Fans are desperate to know, who Miss Monster is on The Masker Singer, and the guesses suggest fans believe her to be the show's biggest name to date.

Part of the excitement over Miss Monster is that her costume is a match for the male Monster character from Season 1. The original Monster was so popular, fans voted him into the winning slot, and eventually learned it was T-Pain behind the mask.

Some guessed Miss Monster was just T-Pain again, but the clues suggested otherwise. In fact, Miss Monster claimed herself to be a huge fan of T-Pain's Monster. During her performance of "Something To Talk About," someone in the Monster costume even came out and danced. It's a Monster showmance for the ages.

So who would dally with a winning Monster? Here are some of the guesses.

Tina Turner
Douglas Elbinger/Archive Photos/Getty Images

One name came up over and over during the soulful R&B take on Bonnie Raitt's classic tune: Tina Turner.

This was based on the voice mostly, but there were two supporting clues:

  • Miss Monster says: "When you become famous, people want you to look or act a certain way. They forget that you started off as just a shy little monster."
  • And she used "Fur-spray."

Unfortunately, this is probably wrong, as Turner had a stroke in 2018, and doesn't perform anymore. But if she were under there, it would be quite the comeback.

Chaka Khan
Paras Griffin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The other super popular guess was Chaka Khan, who is still putting out music. (She released Hello Happiness in 2019.) Once again, this was mostly guessed due to the voice, but there were a few clues that synced up:

  • Miss Monster stood at Locker #10 in her introductory video. Khan has 10 Grammys.
  • The fur-spray also had crystals near it, and Khan is known for both her wigs and costumes.
Mary J Blige
Sean Zanni/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The biggest clue for Blige is the connection with Monster T-Pain. Unlike the first two suspects, Blige is friends with T-Pain, and one could see him convincing her to do the show. But other clues work as well.

  • At one point, Miss Monster says: "It didn't take long for me to be misunderstood." Blige famously did a cover of Nina Simone's classic, "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood."
  • She also asks if the audience will still love her, which could be a reference to the song, "If You Still Love Me."
Wanda Sykes
Leon Bennett/WireImage/Getty Images

And finally, the one non-professional singer guess: Wanda Sykes. This one was a popular Twitter selection. The comedian isn't known for music, but as you can see in this comedy clip, she can carry a tune if needed.

Unfortunately, very few of the clues work for her, other than the key tag that reads "Fun." But Sykes also has a new TV series coming on Apple TV+ to promote called Visible: Out On Television. It would make sense she would agree to appear on The Masked Singer to help promote it.