Here's Everything You Need To Know About Malcolm Before 'Jessica Jones' Season 2 Airs

by Ani Bundel

Jessica Jones Season 2 arrives on Netflix in just over a week, and fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on streaming are glad to be getting back to Alias Investigations and Jessica's world of private eye work. But this season, some changes are coming to Jessica's place of business. There's a new extra desk, and an extra set of hands around the office, dealing with the customers, and his name is Malcolm Ducasse. Who is Malcolm in Jessica Jones? And why is he the one rising through the ranks of her business, when no one else ever could?

If you haven't done a rewatch of Jessica Jones Season 1, and won't have time to get through all 13 episodes this weekend, let me refresh your memory. Malcolm was in Season 1, but he wasn't anything like a partner to Jessica, who worked alone at Alias Investigations when we first met her.

In fact, the first time we saw Malcolm, he didn't look like much of a promising character at all. Our first few exchanges with him usually involving watching him stumbling in and out of elevators, or slowly fumbling with his keys down the hall, just another poverty-stricken junkie neighbor in the rundown building Jessica calls home.


But fans should not have been so quick to write off Malcolm, and Jessica shouldn't have either. One of the main mysteries in the early going of the first season was trying to figure out who Kilgrave, Jessica's stalker and nemesis, was using to spy on her. As far as Jessica was concerned it had to be someone who was in contact with him once every twelve hours, or the influence of Kilgrave's mind control would wear off.

Turns out Jessica was wrong. Once she got a hold of New York City's closed-circuit camera footage,, she discovered the person snapping photos was Malcolm. But how was the junkie answering to Kilgrave, and staying under the creep's influence, when he only saw Kilgrave once a day at best?

Turns out Malcolm was a junkie because Kilgrave used his mind control powers to get Malcolm to feed himself enough heroin to become one. This way even if he only saw Kilgrave only once every 24-48 hours he would be driven to still take photos of Jessica and bring them back to him: Malcolm was doing it in exchange for his next fix.


Jessica was furious when she realized what had happened, and the discovery Malcolm was actually once a bright young man with a future as a social worker before Kilgrave got a hold of him. She made it her business to get Malcolm clean, including handcuffing him to a toilet so he couldn't go out and get another fix.

Ducasse managed to get clean, and even joined a Kilgrave Victim Support Group while vowing to help Jessica take the man down. But Kilgrave got a hold of Malcolm again, along with a number of other victims, in order to torture Jessica with their lives to get what he wanted. Rather than let them die, one of those victims, Hope, committed suicide, freeing them from Kilgrave's control, and freeing Jessica to take Kilgrave down. Malcolm suggests he might leave the city altogether, due to his experiences.

At the end of the season, Jessica does indeed take down Kilgrave once and for all. When she's finally freed from police custody, and not charged with the murder, she gets back to Alias Investigations to discover an enormous amount of messages from potential new clients who want her help ...and Malcolm, her new volunteer assistant, ready to organize the queue while she pulls herself back together from the ordeal. Nice work, working for a superhero.

The few times we saw Malcolm in The Defenders, he seems to be settling in just fine. Fans will have to see how he continues to do in his new position in Jessica Jones Season 2. New episodes arrive on Netflix on March 8, 2018.