This Story From The Past Comes Back To Haunt Tony In '13 Reasons Why' Season 2 & It's Dark


In 13 Reasons Why, Tony is the lovable rebel with a dark side that we as viewers still don't know how to interpret. Yes, he's a nice guy, but he clearly struggles with certain aspects of his life and sometimes lashes out violently as a result. When Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why kicks off, we learn that Tony is on probation as a result of violent actions in Season 1, and his encounter with his boxing coach's new client finally gives us answers about what he did to earn probation and why he has remained so loyal to Hannah throughout the series. Now that Tony has spilled his big secret, who is Lucas on 13 Reasons Why? This post contains spoilers for 13 Reasons Why Season 2.

Throughout Season 2, Tony's relationship with his coach Caleb subtly grows from friendship to something more, but his developing feelings for him are briefly put on hold when Tony is called to testify in the Bakers' case against the school district in Episode 10. Of course, the fact that Tony freaks and runs away from the boxing gym in Episode 8 when Caleb introduces his new client Lucas adds to the couple's awkward pause. At the time, we sense that Tony recognizes the man, who also seems to think that he knows Tony somehow.

Officially representing Liberty High on the stand, Tony meets with ex-boyfriend Ryan before the trial, and Ryan assures him, "I don't think it's going to come up." Tony brushes off whatever "it" is, telling Ryan to drop the very thought.


In court, the Bakers' lawyer questions Tony about the anger management program he's enrolled in, which is a result of his two arrests on the charge of assault. Tony tells the lawyer that one assault was because he caught a man breaking into his car. As we saw last season, the other attack stemmed from a drug dealer with no criminal record selling drugs to Tony's sister. While Tony admits to these attacks, he seems hesitant as well, and flashbacks soon reveal his truth.

Playing out alongside the events of Season 1, Tony's flashback shows him and Ryan getting cozy in an alley together. A man walking by, who we soon realize is Lucas, calls them faggots, and after provoking him, Tony begins attacking him. Passerby call the cops, and Tony runs to the movie theater, where Hannah is working. She agrees to hide him, telling the police that she hasn't seen Tony and subsequently helping him dodge another assault charge. She also confides in him that she was a bully at her old school, explaining why she later trusts him with her tapes.


Of course, the show's theme of nothing happening without consequence quickly reappears for Tony in the present-day timeline when Caleb introduces him to Lucas. The new season shows Tony carefully considering who he hangs out with and where he's seen, as one more strike — aka Lucas pinning him as his attacker — would send him to juvie. So far, he's managed to keep his ties to the third assault under wraps, but as big secrets have a tendency of getting out on 13 Reasons Why, perhaps a third season would follow authorities finding out about Tony's attack on Lucas.

As for the special connection's effect on Tony's relationship with Caleb, Tony tells him the truth, figuring that if they're going to work out, Caleb needs to "know all" of him. The scene does suggest that there is still some tension between them because of the secret, but seeing as Caleb shows up as Tony's date to the Spring Fling in the finale episode, it looks like they can work through any future tension together. However, Lucas is still out there, hinting that we could see Tony facing more legal consequences next season.

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