Here's What You Should Know About Jihyo From TWICE, Because She's Amazing

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The amount of talent in the K-Pop world is literally mind-blowing, and the ladies of TWICE are no exception to that rule. While all nine members of the group — Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu — are equally impressive, Jihyo continues to woo fans from all over the world with her talent and charm. So, who is TWICE's Jihyo? Today we're going to dig into what makes the leader of TWICE a fan favorite.

Jihyo has been performing since elementary school, so it's no surprise she's able to captivate a crowd. The 22-year-old from South Korea got her start on the reality TV show Sixteen, where her world-famous girl group TWICE was formed by JYP Entertainment in 2015.

The singer's dedication to her group is also something her fans admire, and with charisma, voice, and talent galore, there is a lot to love and learn about Jihyo. Did you know she has two little sisters? Did you know she's the leader of TWICE? Do you know how long she trained before debuting? (HINT: A long AF time.) Are you up to date on who her boyfriend is? After reading through this list, you'll be in the know!

1. She's TWICE's leader.

Being the leader of a K-Pop group is no small task since they're the person who's responsible for motivating and taking care of the other members in the group. After hearing Jihyo gush over the other ladies of TWICE in an interview on The Show, I understand why she landed the role. I simply want her to be my new best friend.

"We're like the same age, so I said hello to the new friends," she said about taking the initiative to talk to Sana and Momo in the early days of TWICE, like the true social butterfly she is. Jihyo went on to describe each of the other members, calling Nayeon "friendly" and Tzuyu "very pretty," among other sweet things. Despite not being the oldest, Jihyo's bandmates picked her as the leader of their group and I think we can all agree this was a good decision!

2. She was the longest JYP trainee.

I've got to love a gal who knew what she wanted at a young age and went for it. After entering the third grade, Jihyo was accepted as a trainee and according to Koreaboo, that is not an easy feat. She trained for 10 years before becoming a member of TWICE, making her the bandmate with the most trainee experience.

3. She was almost in another girl group.

Can you imagine a world where Jihyo wasn't the chosen leader of TWICE? I can, and it's dark. Apparently, that could have been a reality.

Back in 2014, JYP announced that it was debuting a new girl group that was not TWICE called 6Mix. Then-trainee Jihyo, and TWICE's Nayeon and Jeongyeon, were all part of that group's lineup originally, according to a report by Billboard.

Obviously, that group did not work out, for whatever reason. And thank goodness for that. Everything happens for a reason, they say!

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4. She's dating Kang Daniel.

News of Jihyo's romance with the former Wanna One singer shook the K-Pop world to its core. I mean, two of the biggest names in K-Pop dating? It's something out of a romance novel!

JYP Entertainment and Daniel’s company, KONNECT Entertainment, confirmed the dating rumors back in August — something that was somewhat unexpected, since the dating lives of K-Pop superstars are notoriously private.

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As it turns out, Jihyo's strength and leadership skills were reportedly a great support for Daniel when he went through legal difficulties involved with launching his solo career. You gotta love a couple that supports each other! Which is why the internet freaked out following the news the idols were dating. Many fans shared their excitement on Twitter, calling Jihyo and Daniel "lucky" to have found each other. See some responses to the couple below!

Told you they were pumped!

5. She's a prankster.

Fans love a good Jihyo joke — and for good reason! If you scour social media, you'll come across dozens of hilarious videos of Jihyo playing pranks on her fellow TWICE members and they're sure to make you laugh, just see below.

So, there you have it! Jihyo officially deserves your undivided attention from here on out.