The Newest 'Star Wars' Character Is Already Raising A Lot Of Eyebrows

by Ani Bundel

Star Wars has always introduced new characters throughout the 10 films and counting that make up the franchise. In The Force Awakens, fans met Rey, Finn, and Poe. In The Last Jedi, Kelly Marie Tran arrived as Rose Tico, as did Laura Dern as Admiral Holdo. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will be no different. Though this is the final installment of the Skywalker saga, fans will still meet new faces, including Jannah, played by Naomi Ackie. Who is Jannah? Fans have a lot of theories but little information.

Up until the Star Wars Celebration, fans didn't even know the character's name, let alone how she was related to the story. To be fair, the actress didn't even know if she was allowed to reveal her name when asked by moderator Stephen Colbert. But after director J.J. Abrams gave the go-ahead, it was revealed Ackie's character's name is Jannah, and the first image of her, dressed in a rebel outfit, or perhaps smuggler-type clothing.

When asked about her character, Ackie demurred, preferring instead to focus on how she learned she'd been cast in the film, and how her father accidentally overheard her and had to keep quiet along with her about it. But fans, as they always do, have theories.

As the trailer shows, Lando Calrissian has returned to the series for this final installment, once again bringing back characters from the original trilogy to help tie the old to the new. Fans are convinced Jannah's role could be his daughter. (I should note, fans were also convinced Finn was related to Lando when John Boyega was cast until his character was fully revealed in The Force Awakens.)

But even though it may turn out Jannah has nothing to do with Lando whatsoever, Ackie's response, when asked about it, was to play coy. As she pointed out, Lando was a suave character, the type who slid into the beds of many women across the galaxy. The fact is, he could have many children no one knows about. The inference was clear. Her character could be one of his byblows, but just as easily could not.

But it's hard not to notice the similarities in their costumes, especially the color palette. Once again, Williams is wearing the gold and blue he was known for in the original trilogy, and which was carried over into Solo: A Star Wars Story last year when Donald Glover took over the role. In the first photo of Jannah shown at the Celebration, she too is wearing gold and blue. It's a dirtier look, with a more washed out yellow and faded blue to grey. But that, plus the long gold cloak that hangs behind her, certainly feels like a signal the two characters are connected.

Besides, fans have met Han Solo's kid, and though Ben Solo might not have turned out to be a winner, he's still obviously his father's son on some level. If Han could settle down and have a family, why not his best frenemy? And who wouldn't want to meet the badass daughter of Lando Calrissian?

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker arrives in theaters on Dec. 20, 2019.