Here's What You Should Know About Former Sway House Member, Jaden Hossler

Courtesy of Austin Cieszko

Members of the most popular TikTok collectives have come and gone rapidly in 2020. With the rise in the popularity of the app, chances are you can blink and miss out on who the next big TikTok personality is. For instance, many people are currently wondering who Jaden Hossler from Sway House is, and I've got some little known facts about the popular musician who is all the rage right now.

Hossler, who has over 6 million fans on TikTok, checks off all the boxes when it comes to the social media platform. He documents antics with his close pals, perfects viral challenges, and simply entertains however he feels like it. With BFFs like Bryce Hall and Josh Richards, there's no dull days on Hossler's TikTok.

However, Hossler isn't just vocal when it comes to embracing his popularity on social media. The internet star is passionate about his beliefs in social justice and isn't afraid to speak out about current world issues, and it seems his fans are thankful for his openness and honesty.

Hossler is definitely not going anywhere anytime soon, so scroll down to learn more about the Tennessee native.

1. He's a Singer

Hossler has seemingly used his TikTok fame to kickstart his punk-rock music career. After finding popularity on social media in 2019, Hossler released his single "Comatose" along with a music video on his YouTube page in February 2020. Hossler later debuted "Angels & Demons" in May 2020, which was co-produced by Travis Barker, and features Barker on the drums. With just the two songs on his Spotify, he already has more than two million monthly listeners. Hossler is currently repped by Barker's DTA Records.

On top of his singing abilities, Hossler is also musically inclined, and has shown off his ukulele skills on TikTok.

2. He Already Has His Own Merch

Hossler's popularity led him to create a clothing line for his fans. His merch includes T-Shirts, long sleeves, and hoodies.

3. He Took a Break From Sway House

In late 2019, it was revealed that Hossler had joined the TikTok collective, but in May 2020, Hossler announced that he'd be taking a hiatus from The Sway House in order to focus on his music career.

It appears there's no bad blood between Hossler and his Sway House brothers. After Hossler announced his exit, Anthony Reeves tweeted in response: “Love you, gonna miss you man." Quinton Griggs also tweeted, “Love my bois always," and Griffin Johnson wrote, “Gonna miss you boys so much it hurts."

4. He's a Dog Dad

Hossler is the proud pup parent of an adorable canine.

5. He Dated TikToker Mads Lewis

Hossler and Lewis began flaunting their relationship on social media starting in December 2019, but it fizzled out by February 2020.

It seems the couple split at some point in February 2020, and Hossler even took to Twitter to debunk cheating speculation.

Together, Hossler and Lewis conquered adorable couple question TikTok challenges, viral dance videos, and even recreated scenes from iconic movies like Grease.