There's A New Character On 'Game Of Thrones,' Here's What Fans Should Know About Harry

by Ani Bundel

Game of Thrones is coming to an end. There are all of six episodes left in the show. At this point, if a book character hasn't made it on screen, they're probably not showing up. (Sorry, Jon Connington fans.) But there is one character who still has a chance to make a mark. Harry Strickland, the head of the Golden Company. Who is Harry Strickland on Game Of Thrones? Warning: Spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 8 follow.

Harry Strickland is the head of the Golden Company, a group of mercenary fighters mainly made up of exiles from Westeros. Strickland himself was part of the family pledged to House Blackfyre, who were exiled back during the Blackfyre Rebellions during the Targaryen rule. In the books, fans meet him when Tyrion and Jorah, both Westerosi exiles, find themselves joining up with the group as part of their way to get to Daenerys Targaryen in Meereen.

Now, as fans know, that was cut from the show. But the Golden Company still found a way into the series. After Daenerys decimates the Lannister Army on the way home from the Reach in Season 7, Cersei says to Jaime they can hire the Golden Company to refill their ranks. By the end of the season, she's even gone ahead and done so, believing they will protect her from whoever wins the showdown against the Night King.

Jaime is horrified, and leaves, so when Euron returns with the group, having shipped them across the Narrow Sea, Cersei is very much alone. Euron grumps that most of the army are mutes, but apparently not Strickland. When Cersei demands to know what's been brought over, Strickland says 20,000 men are with him, 2,000 horses, but sadly, no elephants. Cersei is very disappointed. She wanted elephants.

To be fair, elephants aren't exactly practical. As Strickland and Euron point out, they're not exactly suited to long sea voyages. But Cersei is pissy. Even after she finishes sleeping with Euron, she grumps. She wanted those elephants.

So would the real Stickland, by the way. He's very attached to some of the elephants in the Golden Company in the book, and at one point reveals how distressed he was when someone made off with his favorite.


The good news for fans is the new Harry is a far better sight for sore eyes than the original, who was balding and lazy. The new one could even pass for a Jaime knock-off if Cersei got drunk enough. But as it stands, she's sleeping with Euron. After holding out as long as she could against him, Cersei finally concedes and let the man sleep with his queen.

Whether or not she'll come to regret that remains to be seen, but if she decides Euron is too arrogant, or Euron does up and disappear when he realizes he's backed the wrong horse, perhaps Strickland will find himself in the Queen's bed. Of course, first, he'll have to live long enough to get there.