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Here's Everything 'Killing Eve' Fans Need To Know About Geraldine

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One of the hidden pleasures of Killing Eve is that with a new showrunner every season, the show gets a whole new supporting cast of characters. On the one hand, it's a little sad to see those like the cool and collective Jess only get one turn to work with Eve on a case. On the other, the more annoying posh-boys like Hugo are thankfully gone after a single season. And it means fans get to look forward to new faces, like Season 3's Geraldine. So who is Geraldine on Killing Eve? It turns out Carolyn didn't just have a son but a daughter too. Warning: Spoilers for Killing Eve Season 3 follow.

Though Carolyn, like Konstantin, is secondary to the story of Villanelle and Eve, her quiet but firm presence has been an anchor in the chaos. She and her son Kenny were two peas in a pod, which is why it wasn't surprising they both worked in the same branch of MI-6. She is the head of the desk investigating organized crime and political assassinations. He was a quietly brilliant hacker on the team who can create foolproof false identities and crack any device.

Carolyn and Kenny's similarities are why they were able to live together and why they got along so well. His death has been a body blow to his mother; for the first time, Carolyn can't compartmentalize her feelings.

But one of the biggest obstacles to Carolyn grieving is the sudden presence of her daughter, who has moved in to "help her mother grieve," effectively removing Carolyn's ability to do so.

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Geraldine is every her mother is not. She's not just emotionally open; she prides herself on her empathic abilities. She's bubbly, expressive, she believes in the power of sharing and talking. At one point, Carolyn tells her to go away and "do that thing where you lie still with your eyes closed," which one assumes is a reference to the foreign concept of meditation practice. (Though honestly, considering Kenny and Carolyn were awake at all hours, it might just be the equally foreign concept of sleeping.)

But Geraldine is also the family's weak link. Carolyn, as a decades-long veteran of the MI-6, is naturally suspicious of anything and everything. Kenny, having the same mindset, was too. It's why he was capable of tracking The Twelve even after quitting the bureau. But Geraldine trusts everyone instinctively, including Villanelle's handler, Konstantin.

When the two meet at Kenny's wake, Konstantin immediately starts grooming her, taking advantage of her memories of him visiting her mother as a small child. He then stakes her out, engineering a run-in outside a newsagents, where he very obviously fobs a ridiculous tourist fridge magnet on her.

While viewers are raising red flags, Geraldine is tearing up, grateful for such a little kindness. The next thing you know, the magnet is sitting front and center in the kitchen, where it is perfectly positioned to work as a listening bug for all Carolyn's private conversations. That includes Eve's plan to find Kenny's killer, which starts with Carolyn getting the encrypted thumb drive with all his research on The Twelve, still in police possession.

Good job, Geraldine. One can only imagine how her trusting nature will put her family in danger next.