Addison Rae's Little Brother Posted His First TikTok & He's Already Blowing Up

Addison Rae Easterling had one of the most meteoric rises to viral fame in recent years, and it's all thanks to her videos on TikTok. Easterling even secured a lead role in the upcoming remake of She's All That, catapulting her star status into mainstream Hollywood territory. Her mother, father, and brothers entered the spotlight as a result of her popularity, but some are still unsure of who's who in the family. After reading a tweet she posted this weekend promoting a new TikTok account for @Enzoeli, some fans are asking, who is Enzo Lopez? Not only is he Easterling's little brother, he's also an actor with a newly-minted TikTok account, despite appearing in several of her videos over the past year.

Lopez guest-starred in several TikTok and YouTube videos with Easterling and the rest of her family throughout 2020, but he's just now carving out his own path on the lip-syncing platform. The 13-year-old posted his first TikTok on Dec. 28 and immediately got some free promo from his sister on Twitter, who encouraged her fans to follow his new account with the hashtag, "#TikTokExposed."

The short clip featured Lopez front-and-center, as well as his father, Bryce Hall, and Easterling. The quartet wore matching Grinch pajama pants and performed a short dance to a remix of "Jingle Bells." Talk about a modern-day holiday tradition!

Although this was only Lopez's first post on the platform, he managed to rack up over 125,000 followers in the hours after posting the video. Lopez is no stranger to viral fame, though: He has over 370,000 followers on Instagram, too. The teenager was also cast in Season 7 of Brat TV's Chicken Girls, showing that he's slowly starting to approach the level of fame his sister achieved in 2020 by booking appearances and racking up fans across social media platforms.

Lopez hasn't posted much during the holiday season, so his brand new TikTok account was a welcome surprise to his followers and fans. It's still unclear whether or not the new channel will be managed by his parents (his mother, Sheri Nicole, manages his little-used Twitter), but the Christmas dancing video with a cameo from his superstar sister and her boyfriend is a sign that he'll probably start posting more often.