Here's What 'Stranger Things' Fans Should Know About Dustin's New Girlfriend


This post contains spoilers for Season 3 of Stranger Things. Summer has arrived in Hawkins, Indiana, and for the kids of Stranger Things, this meant that romance dominated most of their thoughts before trouble started brewing. With Dustin away at science camp for the first half of the summer, Will was left playing fifth wheel to happy couples Mike and Eleven and Lucas and Max. Unfortunately for him, he remained the only friend unconcerned with love even after Dustin returned. Who is Dustin's girlfriend on Stranger Things? His summer love Suzie was initially a total mystery before she played a part in the season finale.

In Season 3's opening episode "Suzie, Do You Copy?," Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) was building robots at Camp Know Where while the kids in Hawkins kept busy with each other. Sweethearts Mike (Finn Wolfhard) and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) often ditched the rest of the gang to kiss in El's bedroom and avoid Hopper's (David Harbour) interference, but when Eleven's curfew hit, Mike hung out at the new Starcourt Mall with Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), Max (Sadie Sink), and Will (Noah Schnapp). The group came together to surprise Dustin when he returned home, but the resident science enthusiast had a bigger surprise up his sleeve.

After showing his friends the battery-powered radio tower he built at camp, Dustin remarked that he could use it to talk to his girlfriend wherever he was. Seeing as viewers last saw Dustin dateless and lonely at the school dance, this change of relationship status was a little sudden. As his friends didn't even realize girls went to science camp, they weren't immediately convinced that Dustin's girlfriend Suzie existed.


As the kids hiked to a hilltop to set up Dustin's radio tower, he explained that Suzie was a Mormon who lived in Utah and that her parents would never approve of him. What screams summer vacation better than young, forbidden love? After he constructed his tower, he was determined to reach his long-distance love, repeating, "Suzie, do you copy?" until the sun went down.

Dustin never got in touch with Suzie that day, raising suspicions that she officially ditched him or that they were never an item in the first place. What with the couples feuding with each other and Will beginning to experience signs of the Mind Flayer's return, Dustin turned to Steve (Joe Keery) for help with the Russian recording that came through on the radio tower. This sent them, Steve's co-worker Robin (Maya Hawke), and Lucas' sister Erica (Priah Ferguson) on a mission to decode the message and uncover a secret hidden within the walls of Starcourt Mall, so reaching Suzie was sidelined.


With the mall crew stuck underground in the Russians' secret lair for most of the season, Dustin didn't find another chance to reach Suzie until the finale episode, "The Battle of Starcourt." While the kids fought the Mind Flayer above ground, Joyce (Winona Ryder) and Hopper (David Harbour) were down in the Russians' hideout, attempting to open the safe holding keys that would help destroy the machine keeping the gate to the Upside Down open. With the rest of the group listening in via walkie talkie, they entered what they thought was Planck's constant as the safe combination.

After realizing they had the wrong numbers, Dustin rearranged his radio frequency to contact Suzie, who turned out to be a bespectacled, pigtail-wearing girl in Salt Lake City. Like any other wise woman, she wasn't too pleased about Dustin being MIA and wouldn't reveal Planck's constant until he joined her in a duet of their favorite song "The Never Ending Story." When the world is at stake, can you really turn down a request like that?

Simultaneously proving he had a girlfriend and giving his friends ammunition to tease him forever, Dustin scored the correct digits for Hopper and Joyce. He had to cut his call with Suzie short, but if fans are in store for more Stranger Things, here's hoping that their relationship survived Season 3's traumatic ending.

Season 3 of Stranger Things is currently streaming on Netflix.