IRL, Dacre Montgomery From 'Stranger Things' Is In A Supportive Relationship

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Season 3 of Stranger Things brought fans many gifts — among them, eye candy in the form of Dacre Montgomery, who plays Hawkins' resident bad boy Billy Hargrove. It's hard to not wonder whether Montgomery is dating anyone, especially with all of Billy's gratuitous, sweaty, shirtless scenes that make you feel like you're breaking out in a sweat. Yes, the Mind Flayer is disgusting and terrifying, but at least you can fantasize about Billy flirting with you the way he did with Mrs. Wheeler, right? (Or is that just me?) So, who is Dacre Montgomery dating? The Stranger Things actor has been boo'd up for a bit with Liv Pollock, an Australian model.

It's unclear when their relationship started, but they have been together at least since March 2018. Pollock shared a shot of the two posted up at the 2018 Emmys — their red carpet debut — in September 2018. Her caption thanked "this incredible human", aka Montgomery, for "the last six months of adventure." The two met because they ran in the same professional circles in Australia. “Perth being a small place, we knew each other through mutual contacts from work," Pollack said an interview with The Daily Telegraph Australia. They started chatting on social media and took their connection from there.

Since then, it seems, all signs point to Pollock and Montgomery being a super cute and supportive couple. Here's what you need to know about the relationship between these Aussie hotties.

Pollock is a model

Pollock is signed with Vivien's Models, an Australian agency representing models in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. She had her start in swimsuit modeling, but switched over to traditional modeling in 2019. Some brands Pollock has modeled for include Michaela Wain Swim, fashion brand Tiger Mist and eyewear brand Pacifico Optical.

She's also pursuing an architecture career

As it turns out, Pollock is a bad b*tch on the 'gram and in the classroom. Pollock was studying architecture at the University of Western Australia and has just put school on pause to model and travel. Pollock told The Daily Telegraph:

I’m having a gap year from architecture to explore and travel, as I believe life experiences are an equally powerful means of learning.
Modeling for me has been incredible. It has allowed me to meet fantastic people and taken me traveling. I will continue to pursue this career path, coupled with finishing my architecture degree.

She also went on to say add that both she and Montgomery were drawn to each other because of their "mutual love of design."

Apart from this being adorable, this totally makes sense based on a July 2019 GQ interview with Montgomery. Ever since he was a kid, Montgomery said, he was interested in interior design. He goes on to explain that about two years prior, he did an interior design internship in Los Angeles. "[It was] amazing. It kind of opened my eyes up to this whole other world of sourcing fabric, figuring things out, figuring out how spaces would work," Montgomery explained.

Pollock moved to the U.S. for her boo

When Montgomery had to move to Atlanta to film Stranger Things in April 2018, Pollock went with him. Montgomery and Pollock moving in together seemed more exciting for them than for the average couple because they're both design nerds.

"When we got to Atlanta, we had our first house together," Pollock told GQ Australia. "And that was three months of our time — non-stop, 24 hours a day — [going to] homeware stores, shopping. And we both kind of fell in love with that. It was amazing."

Montgomery added, that especially being away from home, "building your own world for yourself and building that comfortability, whether it's the bed sheets or the curtains or whatever" is crucial.

She and Montgomery love pasta... a lot

Being a swimsuit model for the company, Pollock was interviewed for swimwear brand It's Now Cool's blog. Apart from talking about her fitness routine, her fashion go-to's and how she gets such poppin' hair, the Q&A has a cute little tidbit about Montgomery.

When asked, "Dacre's night to cook —what's on the table?" Pollock said, "Rigatoni pasta." When it comes to her night to cook, Pollock said "pesto pasta" and also included pasta as one of her guilty pleasures. Safe to say that pasta is on the table in the Pollock-Montgomery household.

She doesn't let her BF's fame affect their relationship
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When asked by The Daily Telegraph Australia whether she lets fame have an impact on their relationship, Pollock said:

It doesn’t change anything. Our relationship has been built on our similar values and an adventurous nature. Just because his career places him within the public eye, [fame] doesn’t and would never be a factor that we would let influence our relationship — nor should it.
She produces Montgomery's podcast

If you really want your Dacre Montgomery thirst to kick into overdrive, listen to DKMH, Montgomery's podcast. Described as "beat poetry set to music," DKMH is the two-year-long result of Montgomery compiling his work and collaborating with musicians in order to "bring it to life." Expect poetry bursting with emotion and imagery — read by Montgomery in his delicious, resounding voice — set to a jazzy, cinematic soundtrack.

She also keeps her BF saucin'

In GQ's "10 Things Stranger Things' Dacre Montgomery Can't Live Without" video, Montgomery breaks down his life and fashion essentials. One of those are his distinct pairs of sunglasses with colored lenses.

"I literally will not spend money on sunglasses. I just sit on them. I lose them. I've lost so many pair of sunnies," Montgomery says. He explains that Pollock bought him the three he's showing off in the video.

And toward the end, Montgomery presents his iconic St. Christopher necklace (which we actually see Billy wearing in Stranger Things). Pollock got him that necklace as well.

She says Montgomery is her "inspiration"
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In a June 2019 interview with PerthNow, Pollock said, My boyfriend is a day-to-day inspiration for me. He works harder than any other human I’ve ever met, with passion pouring out of everything he does."

Reading up on Pollock and Montgomery's relationship is a balm for anyone who's finished Season 3 of Stranger Things. Even if Billy doesn't get to have a happy home life or be nurtured and loved, at least Montgomery has a supportive and sweet partner at his side.

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