This Tiny 'Game Of Thrones' Detail Could Reveal Who Arya Will Kill Next

by Ani Bundel

It wasn't a scene that happened in the books, but it was a riveting one nonetheless when Melisandre met Arya in Game of Thrones Season 3. The show had cut down the number of Baratheon bastards in the books to just Gendry, necessitating Melisandre to fetch him from the Brotherhood, where Arya happened to be. But it was the line she spoke upon meeting the younger Stark girl that resonated: "Brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes, eyes you'll close forever." Who has green eyes on Game Of Thrones? It might signal who dies next at Arya's hand.

At the time, the line seemed to mostly suggest Melisandre could see Arya's future, which book readers knew would take the girl to the House of Black and White to train as a Faceless Man. It wasn't until Melisandre echoed that same line from Season 3, Episode 6 "The Climb," in Season 8, Episode 3's "The Long Night" that fans had any inkling it meant more than that. But when the two met again, Melisandre switched the order of the eyes around: "Brown eyes, green eyes....blue eyes." The last of those, as fans now know, was the Night King, turning Arya into the Prince(ss) That Was Promised.

But do the other eyes have meanings behind them, too? Fans are starting to wonder. Who has brown eyes, for instance? Well, in truth, most of Westeros. It's one of the running observations in Martin's books, which, as fans know, loves to delve into the dominant versus recessive genes. (Ned's entire hunt to understand what happened to Jon Arryn and the realization none of Cersei's kids are Robert's rest on these old school genetics.) "Brown eyes" might as well be a symbol of all the nobodies Arya will kill, from the Pollivers to all those members of House Frey.

Blue eyes, obviously, are White Walkers and the Night King. So who do the green eyes belong to? As a recessive trait, it's a much smaller pool, usually of highborn characters. Cersei, for instance, had eyes that were blue-green, as did Jaime, and all of their children. But Arya didn't kill any of them. At this point, the only green-eyed Lannister left is Tyrion. Could that be her next victim?

Most fans are assuming the real answer is Daenerys Targaryen, who in this image from Season 1 clearly has green eyes.


There's just one small problem with that. In the books, Daenerys eyes *aren't* green. In fact, like the Lannisters, the Targaryens, due to their intermarrying, have particular genetic traits: the silver-platinum hair and purple eyes. The show committed to the hair color for the Dragon family with wigs. But when it came to eye color, they did not go for the color-correcting contacts.

But is this a reason to discount Daenerys as a potential victim of Arya's? Not really. After all, Melisandre's line isn't taken from the books anyway, this scene was of the show's making, as was the reuse of it to indicate Arya will kill the Night King. So it could very well be evidence Arya will take down the Mother of Dragons for what she did to King's Landing.