This Is Us

Um, Can We Discuss Uncle Nicky's WEDDING BAND In That Final 'This Is Us' Scene?

by Ani Bundel

The addition of Uncle Nicky to the Pearson family clan on This Is Us was one of the surprises of the Season 3 finale. Season 4 has spent quite a bit of time allowing the character to make that journey. From putting Kevin as his closest living relative to his slow climb out of addiction, Uncle Nicky has been absorbed into the family. He even added a brand new Thanksgiving tradition. But the series pulled a surprise twist in the Season 4 finale (a glimpse at his ring finger), which left fans asking: Who does Uncle Nicky marry? Warning: Spoilers for This Is Us Season 4 follow.

The first inkling Nicky would be folded back into his family came in the Season 3 finale. The character's cameo appearances in present-day had thus far been short-lived, ending with the insistence he wanted nothing to do with the Pearsons. But in the future timeline of 2034, here he was, sitting vigil at Rebecca's bedside.

It was one of This Is Us' patented surprise twists, indicating that viewers hadn't seen the last of Uncle Nicky. But one year on, in the Season 4 finale, it all makes sense. Nicky's deepest connection is Kevin, and this is Kevin's house. Knowing the house is located on the East Coast, Nicky staying there, or even living there, makes a lot of sense.

But then, when Kevin walks into the room, Nicky stands up to hug him, and a wedding band is visible on his left hand.

Uncle Nicky got married, but to who? The answer could be to a character viewers haven't met yet. But to be quite honest, this doesn't have to be a complicated mystery. The answer might be staring viewers in the face.


Fans have been obsessing over who it is Kevin will get pregnant, and then asking to marry him: Madison or Cassidy. The answer, it turns out, is Madison. That leaves Cassidy not just available, but still showing up at Nicky's trailer regularly.

And if fans hadn't been so distracted by trying to put Kevin with every blond woman who crosses his path, they might have noticed Nicky is the far more obvious candidate for Cassie to wind up with. The connection she has isn't with Kevin; it's with Nicky. They're both army vets; they live in the same town. They've both experienced rejection by their families after the war, Cassie by her husband, and Nicky by Jack.

Moreover, Nicky did react quite badly to discovering Kevin slept with Cassidy. At the time, fans just thought it was disappointment in his nephew. But could it have also been unconscious jealousy?

Viewers will have to wait and see how their relationship progresses come Season 5.