This 'Westworld' Reddit Theory Might Explain Who's Under Serac's Control

by Ani Bundel

Westworld Season 3 has introduced a new villain to the story. Robert Ford and the Delos corporation, which filled that role in the first two seasons, are currently struggling to deal with their host outbreak. The Man In Black hasn't been seen this season at all. But Incite, and it's program Rehoboam, are filling that role nicely, especially Engerraund Serac, who co-created Rehoboam, and in Episode 2, was revealed to have kidnapped Maeve out of the Delos park. But she's not the host control unit he has. Fans need to know, who are Serac's control units on Westworld? Warning: Spoilers for Westworld Season 3 follow.

When Maeve realizes that she's not in the Delos park, it's one of Westworld's famed shocking moments, yet another reveal that will cause viewers to question the nature of this reality. But it's when the camera cuts to the real world outside Maeve's virtual experience that fans' eyes widened. While Maeve crashed the War World park with her version of a storyline DDOS attack, out in the real world, it's a mainframe, controlled by a few technicians.

But unlike the Delos labs, who look out across an island landscaped to create Westworld and other places, these technicians looked into a server room. Those servers didn't look like the ones viewers might expect. Instead, within each cooling cell, there is a central branch with ten arms, each of which has a white plastic "control unit" attached to them. Fans will recognize them as the component which serves as the brainstem for all Delos' hosts.


In the photo, 12 cases are visible, with two more around the backside of the column. That's 140 hosts Serac has gotten his hands on, including Maeve.

It's one thing for a single host to have the back of their head ripped out. If Serac is to be believed, Rehoboam convinced him she's the threat to humanity. Paying a mole to smuggle him Maeve's control unit is a reasonable assumption.

But 140 host control units? That's millions of dollars in stolen property. And who else did Serac steal? Is Hector's host control unit in here? Is there one for Lee Sizemore? (Lee notably doesn't crash when the rest of the program does.)

Also, note that half the stems are white (like Maeve's), and half are black. Fans have never seen a black host control unit. Is this a color code for the host control units for real people (like Lee) as opposed to park characters?

Are these the hosts who escaped into the secret server, the Sublime, inside the forge? As these hosts were completely erased, their control units could have been conceivably tossed. That could explain why Serac was steering Maeve into opening the Sublime again.

Serac must also have multiple moles. He recreated the park with a surprising amount of detail for someone who doesn't work there. These could be a collection he'd been amassing for years.

What about Dolores? Some fans are not convinced she's in the real world. Could both of them be in this collection? Is Maeve in the real world when she wakes or is this more simulation? Is Serac's game pitting them against each other happening out here or in there?

So many questions, and it's only Episode 2.