The 'This Is Us' Season 2 Finale Left Us With A Big Question About Future Randall & Tess

by Ani Bundel

This Is Us can't just give us a happy ending. That's not how the show works. This Is Us gives and This Is Us takes away. Most of the Season 2 finale started off to be going exactly where fans would expect: Kate almost pulls a "Runaway Bride" but then doesn't; Deja is angry, but then Beth's cousin Zoe seems to find the way through to her; the wedding goes off without a hitch. Until the show starts flashing forward again, and new questions arise. Like who are Randall and Tess going to see in This Is Us Season 2 finale? Where is Beth? Where is Annie? Scariest of all, where is Deja? Spoiler alert: Don't keep reading if you have not watched the This Is Us Season 2 finale "The Wedding" yet.

In the last few moments of the Season 2 finale, audiences are shown glimpses into the future. We see Kate and Toby, maybe a few years later, and Toby is clearly not doing well. We see Kevin on a plane to Vietnam with Zoe, and we can assume they've started a new romance. And, the most distressing scene of them all, we see future Randall and Tess saying how they're not ready to go visit someone.

Let's rewind and talk about Randall's family in the present time. What we do know is Deja had a major explosion in the present time, and that could be part of what feeds into the Old Randall scene. At Kate's wedding, while the rest of the Pearsons partied, she took the ball of rage inside her and exploded it all over that "fancy car" Randall boasted to her about. (Ironically, with Jack's baseball bat.) Could this be a sign of what Beth feared, that Deja will never pull out of it? Are Randall and Tess getting ready to visit Deja in jail?


The scene doesn't tell us much about who Randall and Tess are going to visit. All we know is Beth's not there, Annie's not there, Deja's not there. There are lots of options for what Tess isn't sure she's ready to see.

Fans had feared the lack of Beth in what is now our longest running flash-forward scene might be a sign that she's dead. But the show has promised that's not happening. Beth is alive. So where is she?

One theory is it's Beth who Randall and Tess are going to visit. That's not a good sign. Why would Beth be somewhere they have to visit? Unless she's in a hospital, or in permanent care because Randall can no longer take care of her himself. This suggests something terrible happened to Beth. Was she injured in some kind of accident? Did she develop some sort of disease that's progressed to the point of needing to be put in a home, like Alzheimer's?

The idea that Beth, who is the brain of the family would be struck down by a disease that ate her memories from the inside would be perhaps the cruelest fate This is Us could come up with.


Another possibility is that it could be Annie. It's kind of amusing that when Beth starts expressing her fears about Deja and Tess in their "Worse Case Scenario" game, Annie never comes up. Is it that she's too young for Beth to worry about yet? Or does it simply not occur to Beth to perhaps it's Annie who will somehow develop serious resentment towards her parents for all the energy they spend on Deja and act out to the point that they lose her?

The final theory is that it could be none of the above. If Randall is a good twenty years older, this means that Rebecca, for instance, will be very old. Perhaps it is she who is in the hospital and dying, and Tess can't face seeing her grandmother in the final days of her life.

There are so many ways this scene can end. We'll have to wait until next fall and Season 3, to find out where the answer lies.