Snickers White Chocolate Bars are back permanently in 2020.

Snickers Is Adding This Popular Limited-Edition Flavor To Its Permanent Lineup

Chocolate lovers might remember when Snickers temporarily gifted fans a white chocolate variety of the classic bar last December. While the tasty bars only made an appearance for a limited time before leaving stores, the company heard its customers loud and clear and decided to gift fans a sweet surprise for the new year. Snickers White Chocolate Bars are coming back for 2020, and they're staying for good.

The company announced the return of Snickers White bars on Monday, Dec. 9, and there is a nationwide rollout planned for 2020. If you didn't get to try the bars before they left in 2018 or if your tastebuds just need a refresher, you'll be getting the mouthwatering combination of caramel, nougat, and crunchy peanuts that you get from your OG Snickers bar, except this time they'll be coated in layers of rich white chocolate. In other words, you might as well kiss your New Year's healthy eating resolutions goodbye, because you'll be definitely stocking up on these bad boys.

The best part of the news is that these white chocolate-covered treats will be back permanently once they make their way to shelves, so you don't have to worry about running out or bidding on them online, as some customers were doing last year. Customers will have the option to purchase either Single (1.41 ounces) or Share (2.84 ounces) sizes, making it easy for solo snacking or splitting a bar with bae.


The brand says the demand for white chocolate and a positive response to last year's Snickers White release were driving forces behind the company's decision to bring it back for good in 2020.

While the Snickers White bars won't be making their permanent debut on shelves everywhere officially until 2020, there's definitely a chance that you could be spotting them in the coming days. I'd recommend white chocolate devotees keep an eye out during their next groceries run and report back to the rest of us so we can all get into the snacking spirit of the season.