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Machine Gun Kelly Is Dropping A Unisex Nail Polish Line — Here Are All The Details

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Get ready to add another celebrity beauty brand to the massive and still `growing list. Machine Gun Kelly is launching a nail polish brand. As if his acting career, award-winning music, and being a TikTok dreamboat wasn't enough, the musician is ready to become a quadruple threat. His new brand, UN/DN, will feature a line of unisex nail polish. Since his archive of impressive nail art is well-documented, you just know that this launch is just going to be kismet. I hope it includes his signature, acrylic pinkie nail press-on.

MGK's nail polish over the years has been super eclectic; he's pretty much done it all. He's had looks designed after his albums; funky designs; the classic, chipped black polish; and he's gotten matching manicures with his girlfriend Megan Fox. The list just goes on and on. This isn't even the first nail polish line the artist has created. MGK's merch website currently has three Tickets to my Downfall-inspired polishes for $10. They come in hot pink, black, and a shimmering gold. However, this new brand plans to go even further.

The collection came to be through a partnership with Unlisted Brand Lab, a creative marketing agency. "We’re honored to be working with MGK on this rare opportunity to build a brand that will progress a category to embody a cultural shift that has been a long time coming,” Candy Harris, the founder and CEO of Unlisted, said in a press release. The "Bloody Valentine" rapper hasn't said anything about his latest endeavor beyond tweeting a manicure and zipped-lip emojis.

Although no shades or names have been revealed yet, the first drop is scheduled to happen some time this fall. The closest fans might get to a sneak peek is by keeping an eye on MGK's ever-changing nails. There's no doubt that the polish-lover will be rocking his new products on red carpets and on his Instagram as soon as he can. Not that this lack of information is keeping fans from getting excited. MGK's stans on Twitter already have big plans for when the polishes launch.