Yankee Candle Can Literally Take All My Money For Its Delicious Brunch-Themed Collection

Courtesy of Yankee Candle

Is your favorite part of the weekend the time you spend sipping mimosas and eating yummy breakfast foods with your friends? Then, same. Well, as for the rest of the days of the week that you can't spend at brunch with your crew, Yankee Candle's Sunday Brunch Collection just launched so you can now bask in the sweet aroma of bubbly drinks and sweet waffles even while you're stuck in the office in the middle of the work day.

This brunch-themed collection is made up of six brand new scents that come in six different sizes that are all available right now on and at all Yankee Candle retailers.

The new scents that make up the Sunday Brunch Collection are all staples at the brunch table and include fragrances like "Belgian Waffles," "Blush Bouquet," "Floral Candy," "Grilled Peaches & Vanilla," "Sweet Morning Rose," and "White Strawberry Bellini."

Each sweet scent is available as a Medium Perfect Pillar Candle, a Small Classic Jar Candle, a Medium Classic Jar Candle, a Large Classic Jar Candle, a Small Tumbler Candle, and a Large 2-wick Tumbler Candle. In addition to being able to enjoy the new aromas as candles, you can also cop them as Tarts Wax Melts, Easy MeltCups, diffusers, and room sprays.

For a breakdown of each scent from the Sunday Brunch Collection that is devoted to reminding you of your love for your favorite meal of the weekend, read on.

White Strawberry Bellini

In my opinion, "White Strawberry Bellini" would have to be one of the star players in this brunch-inspired collection. Because I mean, what's brunch without a fizzy cocktail? This fragrance features pineapple and juicy orange as the top notes, while fresh mango, peach nectar, and chilled champagne make up the main body of the scent. The smell of sweet sugar is the lasting impression that this candle gives off.

Belgian Waffles

When you light "Belgian Waffles," you'll first smell toasted pecans and vanilla, then, since the body of this scent is fittingly waffle batter, a dash of cinnamon, and melted butter, you'll be dreaming of warm toasted waffles. And finally, your nose will be left with the scent of what else than sweet and fluffy whipped cream.

Blush Bouquet

Adding to the typical Sunday brunch aesthetic, Yankee Candle made sure to include the scent of the bouquet of flowers that makes up the centerpiece of the table. "Blush Bouquet" smells like cherry blossoms, peonies, sweet peas, lilies, and amber.

Floral Candy

With "Floral Candy," the scent of sweet candy crystals, meets floral blossoms, meets creamy vanilla frosting. The top notes include spun sugar, peach nectar, and red currant. The middle notes include soft jasmine petals, elderflowers, and pink honey suckles. And the base scent leaves your nose with the smell of sweet violet.

Grilled Peaches & Vanilla

If you didn't already know, peaches and cream is more than just a catchy R&B song from the early '00s, it's also a brunch meal and now, a candle scent. Yankee Candle's "Grilled Peaches & Vanilla" smells like caramelized brown sugar and golden honey over top of grilled peaches and topped with vanilla ice cream.

Sweet Morning Rose

Rounding out the brunch-themed collection is the scent of sugared roses and marshmallows. "Sweet Morning Rose" is made up of pear blossom and sparkling rose water as the top scents, sugared rose petals, lilies, and ylang ylang as the middle notes, and powdery musk and marshmallows as the base notes.

If you're anything like me and lighting a candle works as an automatic mood changer, then cop one of Yankee Candle's Sunday Brunch Collection candles so you can go from stressed to daydreaming about your next brunch date with your besties.