This 'Star Wars' Makeup Collection Is Like Wearing The Force On Your Face

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is almost here and I'm still trying to harness my power to use the force. As I semi-patiently wait for my Jedi abilities to kick in, I'll be having a Wookiee meltdown-level fangirl moment whilst figuring out where to buy Star Wars makeup from Cargo Cosmetics.

Not such a long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, our earthly planet was blessed with a cinematic work of art entitled, Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. Fast forward 40 years, and the rebellion is still going strong. Along with such a successful film series comes an endless supply of branded merchandise. Toys, clothes, posters, and almost anything you can think of has been given the Stars Wars treatment, and fans eagerly lap it all up. Not that there's anything wrong with that — when my family decorates our Christmas tree, it involves my dad ceremoniously hanging his Yoda ornament before anyone else is allowed to touch the tree. Front and center Yoda must be.

Most branded products these days seem futile at best — good for drumming up excitement at first, but then usually they sit and gather dust once the frenzy has subsided. Cargo Cosmetics, however, has heard my cries for a more useful way to geek out to my favorite galactic movie franchise and succumbed to my mind tricks. That's right, Cargo Cosmetics released its line of Star Wars makeup, available for purchase on its site, or you can hop in your Millennium Falcon and fly on down to your local Kohl's to get the goods. Check out the limited-edition products below, but be warned, you'll have to decide what side of the force you're on.

Cargo X Star Wars 8 Well Eye Shadow Palette — The Light Side

Cargo Cosmetics

8 Well Eyeshadow Palette, $28, Cargo Cosmetics

This eyeshadow palette is themed for the light side of the force and boasts eight Tatooine-themed shades. Each of the earthy tones will easily blend together for a natural look, of which Princess Leia would definitely approve.

Cargo X Star Wars 8 Well Eye Shadow Palette — The Dark Side

Cargo Cosmetics

The Dark Side Palette, $28, Cargo Cosmetics

If you're feeling a pull to the dark side, shame on you, but scoop up this eyeshadow palette during your demise. The eight-piece set has a Darth Vader-esque black shade that I need to try out — Death Star not included.

The Resistance Mascara — Lengthening

Cargo Cosmetics

The Resistance Mascara, $20, Cargo Cosmetics

Any solid resistance fighter needs long lashes before he or she faces the Sith.

The First Order Mascara — Volumizing

Cargo Cosmetics

First Order Mascara, $20, Cargo Cosmetics

I guess the First Order cares about their mascara too — who knew storm troopers had such voluminous lashes under those helmets?

Cargo X Star Wars Nail Polish Kit

Cargo Cosmetics

Nail Polish Kit, $22, Cargo Cosmetics

Here's where it gets really colorful. I'm eyeing these four nail polishes for the holidays. The epically bright red and blue polishes have me living for Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader's final fight scene. Those metallics, though! Serious cosmic vibes happening here.

Cargo X Star Wars Collectible Mirror — Leia Organa™

Cargo Cosmetics

Star Wars Collectible Mirror, $28, Cargo Cosmetics

This limited-edition Star Wars makeup line also has four collectible compact mirrors. This one featuring the legendary Princess Leia Organa is my personal favorite.

Cargo X Star Wars Collectible Mirror — Rey

Cargo Cosmetics

Collectible Mirror, $28, Cargo Cosmetics

There is no denying that Rey is the new boss lady in town. She is a bonafide bad*ss.

Cargo X Star Wars Collectible Mirror — BB-8™

Cargo Cosmetics

Collectable Mirror, $28, Cargo Cosmetics

Although I miss R2-D2, the OG droid, BB-8 is pretty adorable, too.

Cargo X Star Wars Collectible Mirror — Captain Phasma™

Cargo Cosmetics

Collectable Mirror, $28, Cargo Cosmetics

Even though Captain Phasma is on the dark side, I'm here for the fact that she is a she (and I bet she likes that volumizing mascara).