Disney Just Launched A 'Little Mermaid' Makeup Collection Because Life Really Is Better Under The Sea

by Kelsi Zimmerman

The beauty industry seems to have a recurring obsession with collaborations that trigger '90s nostalgia, specifically Disney collaborations that make you feel nostalgic for your time spent watching your favorite movies as a child. The latest Disney makeup collaboration? The Disney x UStar Cosmetics collection that has brought you the Little Mermaid makeup collection. The four piece collection, that is appropriately dubbed The Little Mermaid: Power Pearl Of The Sea, features a liquid eyeliner, an eye and cheek palette, a powder foundation, and double-sided lipstick. But if you're wondering where to buy Disney's new Little Mermaid makeup collection in the U.S., the answer is you can't — at least not yet.

If you're not familiar, UStar Cosmetics is Thailand-based makeup brand and unfortunately for mermaids in other parts of the world that are longing for the Ariel-inspired makeup, as of right now it's only available in Thailand at Watson stores. But that doesn't mean that Little Mermaid fans everywhere can't gawk at the collection and its whimsical packaging.

As mentioned earlier, the collection features a liquid eyeliner that's available in black. It also boats a powder foundation that's available in two shades: beige and a warm ivory, an eye and cheek palette that is available in two shades and features four eyeshadow pans and a blush pan, and finally a double-sided lipstick that comes in four different shades.

The double-sided lipsticks include a creamy bullet lippie on one end and a velvety liquid lipstick on the other. The four different shades include "Hawaii Coral," a light pink cream and a muted coral velvet, "Bomb Shell," a mauve cream and a rust velvet, "Beach Babe," a peachy nude cream and a reddish-orange velvet, and "Deep Toast," a berry red cream and an orange velvet.

As far as the eyeshadow and cheek palettes go, there are two colorways, "Starlight Peach," that features warm-toned red and peach hues in shimmery finishes, and "Summer In Bloom" that features nudes and browns in shimmery finishes.

All of the packaging for the Disney x UStar Cosmetics collection solely features Ariel, meaning you won't see Sebastian, Flounder, Ursula, or Prince Eric gracing any of the products, but it's still so adorable nonetheless.

By the looks of UStar's Instagram, their Little Mermaid collection isn't their first run with a Disney collaboration. The rest of their feed shares glimpses of Minnie-inspired lippies, compacts, and palettes, as well as a Snow White collection, which makes this Disney lover even more hopeful that the brand will soon become available overseas.

So if you're a Disney fanatic that truly believes that life is better under the sea and you can't wait to add Ariel-themed products to your beauty vanity, then it looks like you should plan a trip to Thailand. However, if a trip to Thailand isn't in the cards, then you can always keep your eyes on eBay as some of Ustar Cosmetic's products have been known to surface on the site and ship to customers in the U.S.