I Have 1 Big Question About Winona Ryder After Watching Her Super Bowl Commercial

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Winona Ryder's latest acting gig is an ode to her hometown. The hometown in which she was named after, to be exact. If you've ever wondered where Winona Ryder is from, or where she got her name, her Super Bowl 2020 commercial is a must-watch. It'll answer all your burning questions.

In the endearing 3-minute, documentary-style spot for Squarespace, Ryder ventures back to her Winona, Minnesota roots. Ryder, decked out in warm-weather gear, pays tribute to the town which is located southeast of Minneapolis on the Mississippi River by showcasing local businesses. Of course, due to the brand she's representing, Ryder is not only in search of her "true self" but she's creating a website for the town as well.

“To have a commercial that showcases Winona is really cool, and the idea is to empower small businesses and drive that message to every smaller town or city,” Ryder told People about the ad. “It was an exciting way to feature Winona, and I thought it was such a good idea, a really good concept.”

As for how she ended up being named after her hometown, Ryder explained:

My mom was in a laundromat and saw a pamphlet about the ‘legend of Winona,’ a Native American girl the town was named for. She bent over to pick it up and she went into labor and that’s how I got my name. The laundromat is gone now but I got to see where it was.

Check out the entire commercial below and prepare to fall in love with Winona.

Though Ryder was primarily raised in a Sonoma County, California town, her hometown still holds a place in the Stranger Things actress' heart.

Here's what Ryder explained to People about the charm of Winona:

It’s one of those interesting towns that, in one way, it feels like it could be Anywhere, U.S.A., but, at the same time, it’s completely unique to itself. There was a crafts fair going on when I was there, and everyone was just so nice — it’s a cliché but it’s just that incredibly friendly Minnesota atmosphere and vibe. I really appreciated how the locals were to us — it just fueled my own excitement for being back there.

Ryder's Super Bowl commercial set the bar high for the rest of the ads set to air on Sunday, Feb. 2, during the big game.