3 Things To Know About Polly Cooper On 'Riverdale' Because The Coopers Are In Trouble

by Ani Bundel
The CW

Some characters on television shows are defined by their looks. (Think Felicity, and the haircut that go an entire series canceled.) Some are defined by personality, like Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones. Others are defined by their deeds, good or bad, like Eleven or Billy on Stranger Things. But it's a rare character who is defined not by their presence, but by their absence. Polly Cooper is one such, her disappearances mark her life on screen. Which is why fans are once again asking: Where is Polly Cooper on Riverdale? So far she's only turned up once all season.

Let's remind ourselves what's happened to Polly so far on Riverdale. The first five episodes, she was nowhere to be seen, but Betty Cooper's sister was always mentioned. She was the late Jason Blossom's ex-girlfriend, the one he didn't care enough about. There she was, rating a "Nine" in Jason's conquest column in the football playbook. Betty was furious at what had happened to her sister, especially with their mother, and most of all Betty was angry about Polly's breakdown. Yet, we never seemed to have all the details. Something wasn't adding up.

It wasn't until Season 1 Episode 6, when Betty goes to see Polly, and discovers she's carrying Jason's child, that things began to make more sense.

The Pregnancy

At that point we learned Polly and Jason never broke up. Their parents (both sets) had been working hard to force them to break up, but failed. In fact, Polly and Jason planned to run away together. When the Coopers found out, they sent Polly away instead. (Worse, Polly had no idea Jason was dead.)

After a breakdown when her mother Alice came to see her, Polly once again disappeared, this time running away from the group home. She was found later to be holed up in her own home, hiding out in the attic. Betty tried to move her to the Blossoms, but that only made things worse: like the Coopers, the Blossoms wanted Jason and Polly's child (and Polly) to go away.

Betty and Veronica worked hard to try and make Polly and her baby feel wanted. They even threw her a baby shower, which the Blossoms and the Coopers turned into a competition. Strange, considering that neither family wanted this baby (or twin babies, as Nana Rose predicted) to live.

The Blossoms

Forced to choose sides, Polly decided to hole up with the Blossoms, and disappear from social life, though that turned out to be because she was looking for evidence into Jason's murder.

She found the ring that Jason had given her, the one that was supposedly on him the night he died. But before anyone could given her a convincing explanation, she was drugged via milkshake and knocked out.

While Polly was sleeping, Betty was finding out the truth: The Blossoms and Coopers were so tightly related, that Polly and Jason's relationship was incestuous. That revelation finally convinced Polly to come home to the Coopers and leave the creepy world of the Blossoms.

The Coopers

This season, the antics of Black Hood have mostly kept the Blossoms and the Coopers rivalries in check, especially now that Cheryl went and burned the house down.

But Polly is very afraid of staying in town. When we finally saw her this season, in the third episode, she was making plans to head off to that farm she and Jason dreamed of running away to.

The Coopers did their best to convince Polly to stay, but she's not wrong to think it might be best to roll while the the rolling is still possible. Black Hood is targeting sinners, and what greater sin is there than carrying the incestuous spawn of your late cousin? Best go now, before Black Hood finds her next. Let's hope Polly stays safe on the farm, once she gets there.