Booking Your Easter Flight This Far In Advance Will Save You Money, Sources Say

Cameron Spencer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Aside from spring break, one of the most popular times to travel before summer comes is during Easter weekend. And I don't know about you, but saving money is — hands down — the single most important component of traveling for a gal like me. So if you, too, are wondering: "When's the best time to buy Easter 2019 flights?" I've done a little research, and I have all the answers. Sources say that there is, in fact, a prime time to book to save you some cash, and for someone who's ballin' on a budget like I am, that information is basically vital.

Apparently, Easter airfare isn't as exorbitant as you might think. According to Tracy Stewart, content editor at the airfare deal site, prices aren't nearly as high as they are at Christmas. However, just to be safe, you should book your flight about two months in advance, especially if you're trying to sit in the front of the plane. And if your schedule is flexible enough, Stewart says you should try booking your flight for less popular travel times. So instead of a weekend, for example, you could fly mid-week. That could end up saving you hundreds of dollars.

Other sources, however, say that you don't have to book months in advance. In fact, travel planning website Expedia's 2019 Airline Pricing Outlook says travelers don't necessarily have to book their flight until at least three weeks beforehand. That means the best time to book is between now and April 1, so solidify those plans if you're dead set on traveling during Easter. If you wait until this weekend (March 22 to March 24), you could save up to 20 percent or more on airfare than you would booking earlier. In my eyes, that's pretty significant.

So, there you have it. Booking your flight in advance is necessary, as per usual, but booking several months in advance is totally uncalled for. In fact, waiting until closer to Easter could save you a significant amount of cash rather than booking too far ahead. And if you can afford to fly at random hours, you could really save a significant amount of money.

Instead of booking a flight to go on vacation, you might be booking your flight home to introduce your partner to your family. And while you'll (hopefully) end up making your plans a little bit in advance to save you some cash, keep in mind that you'll also be celebrating something incredibly momentous. Meeting your boo's parents is a really, really big deal (especially as adults) so be prepared, and know what to expect for any and all religious (or maybe, completely non-denominational) festivities. My fingers are crossed for each and every one of you.

IMHO, it's always a win to be able to save a little money, so if you can wait to book your Easter flight until this weekend, I would definitely do so. Traveling can be super pricey, so saving a few hundred bucks (or even, like, $20!) is always a feat. Anyway, good luck booking, and bon voyage!