7 Key Secrets To Help Hot Mess You When You're Running Late AF

Running late in the morning happens to all of us. The sun coming up is hardly enough of a sign that our bodies should be awake, too. When your alarm clock fails you and you're left popping out of bed like you just heard Sephora was having a half-off sale on everything, you may very well be on your way to being a hot mess. We've all been there many times, and YOLO. Time seems like the enemy, and you'll want to know those things to do when you're running late, especially when your whole life has plummeted into the depths of a hot mess bayou.

The journey to being a hot mess is different, but the qualities are all the same. You're likely all over the place and have no conscious understanding of time. Also, any preparations are out the window and cloudy with a chance of curse words is in your forecast.

Those hot mess moments are funny to look back on when you consider the hilarious things you did to make it so that you weren't later than you already were. Everyone has to wear that hot mess crown every once in awhile though, and it's partly because you had no time to do your hair. So, if the hot mess chip is on your shoulder, dip into a lighthearted mindset to take the edge off.

Own Your Hot Mess

Look into the mirror and repeat after me, "I am a hot mess today and I'm OK with that." Claiming your hot mess situation will make it easier to move onward and toward controlling the other parts of your day. Confidence is key. Yeah, your morning was a bit rocky, but it's time to chip away at those boulders and kick the remaining pebbles to the side. Rock that hot mess couture.

Create Little Incentives

Creating little incentives will distract you from the hot mess of a morning you had. You can remind yourself that it's Tuesday and a lunch special you like is available. Or you can bring up the fact that if you make it to a specific destination on time, all is not lost.

Treat Yo' Self To Your Favorite Morning Beverage

This might seem odd, but your first reaction is going to be to consciously punish yourself by eliminating your little morning treat of coffee or tea. Stick with your routine goodies. Nothing cures the aftermath of undergoing a hot mess tornado much like your caffeinated perfection when the storm has finally passed. I mean, you're late anyway, right? What's an extra 10 minutes?

Look Forward To Getting It Right Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a brand new day, and because you are still recovering from your hot mess morning, you're determined to change the agenda when you rise and shine again. Hot messes are temporary, unless you dwell on how much they could have gone so much better. Live your hot mess today to avert a hot mess tomorrow.

Vent To Your BFF Like There's No Tomorrow

Keeping the unfortunate struggles of embarking on the journey of being a hot mess is torturous. Your BFF should be on speed dial, and because you're calling her in the morning, she already knows the deal. Vent like it's not your fault, until you come to the conclusion that you were totally at the will of your own mismanaging. It's her job as best friend to listen to you, and it'll make you feel so much better.

Deep Breaths Are Golden

Somehow, when you are in the middle of a hot mess, you defy the human anatomy and hold in so much breath you want to explode. Taking a quick breather and incorporating those deep breaths in your lateness agenda, will make all of the difference. Besides, deep breaths take all but a few seconds, which you can spare.

Plan Out The Rest Of Your Day

OK, maybe your time management was all jacked up in the beginning of the day, but there's still time to control the rest of it. Plan on making yourself dinner or grabbing a drink with a coworker. Aspiring to a time where you didn't have to hurriedly eat a bagel with cream cheese while running down the stairs to the subway, will make your day so much better.

Being a hot mess is never really planned, and it happens to all of us at some point. The struggle is all too real. It sucks, but you're closer to less hectic times once it's over.