If Your Aunt Is Your BFF, You Know These 8 Things To Be So True

No offense to parents, but aunties have a way of stealing our hearts, too. Real talk: The second you experienced your aunt's dope vibes for the first time, you felt beyond blessed to have her in your life. Again, you still love your mom a bunch, but when your aunt is your best friend as well, life as you know it is so much sweeter.

Not only does this incredible human share the same bloodline, but she always has your best interests at heart. If there is anyone who can genuinely say they've known you since day one — aside from your parents — it would be her. And now that you're a grown woman, you couldn't be more stoked and appreciative that your aunt is your bestie.

Her advice is never sugarcoated, and as carefree and laid-back as she may be, she's not afraid to get a little stern with you when you need to hear her out. In other words, if your new SO isn't impressing her, she's not going to withhold her opinion. In this day and age, that kind of openness and honesty is truly valued in a friendship. She's the perfect mix of friend and family, and you wouldn't trade her for the world. You're living your best life if your aunt is your ride or die, so you know these eight things to be true.

She Tends To Claim You As Her Own Kid

To your aunt, you are basically her kid. To you, she's like your second mom. I mean, she gives you the best advice, cooks the most delicious food for you, and gives you almost everything you ask for. She's the real MVP.

She Low-Key Takes Your Side

Remember when you and your mom were arguing over your curfew or at what age you could start dating? Your aunt didn't say it flat out in front of your mom, but she definitely sided with you and understood your frustrations. She also had a way of reasoning with your mom a few times. Yeah, she's pretty rad.

You Confide In Her

You have always felt an awesome connection with your aunt, which is why you're able to talk to her about anything and expect great advice in return. No matter what you muster up enough courage to tell her, you never feel judged.

She Made You And Your Cousins So Much Closer

If your aunt has kids, they were likely your favorite group of cousins. How could they not be? Their mom is your bestie, and if they have even a fraction of her personality traits, you guys are thick as thieves.

Your Girl Talk Is Legendary

Now that you're older, there are no limits to the topics and tangents you and your aunt discuss. Again, you feel like you can tell her anything, and that includes every portion of your life. From dating, to wine, to friends, and work, the girl talk you guys manage to have is always lit.

She Gives You Intel About Family Drama

Family drama can be pretty funny and entertaining. When you were little, all of the adults tried to keep it hush, hush, except for one reliable ally: your aunt. She always gave you the scoop and kept you in the loop. It's one of her many admirable qualities.

You've Rocked Matching Outfits At Least Once

She has an "I love my niece" shirt, and you have an "I love my aunt" shirt. Yeah, the love is that serious, and you don't find it lame at all to have matching outfits with an older relative. Age is nothing but a number, and in the friendship department, your aunt is slaying it.

She Always Gets You Exactly What You Want For Your Birthday And Holidays

You know how relatives "ask" you what you want, but end up getting you what they "think" you'd like? You never had that problem with your aunt. In fact, there have been many times when she got you something you didn't even know you wanted. She knows you so well.

If your aunt is your bestie, you know you have a partner in crime for life. Her friendship is a pretty sweet deal.