7 Important Things To Stop & Celebrate When You Feel Like The World Is Against You

You're late for work, you broke a heel, there's a run in your stockings, and to top it all off, your boss wants to speak with you in their office. In a matter of hours, the world as you know it, totally sucks. So, when you feel like the world is against you and you're having the day from actual hell, stop and appreciate some extremely important things in your life. They may not be as concrete as a heel, but they make up a huge amount of who you are.

It's easy for us to overlook simple, beautiful, and amazing things in our lives because the world is pulling us in so many different directions. In other words, we take those things for granted because we, without a doubt, think they will always be there. And not all of these things come in the form of something we can hold. Many of them are interpersonal and only take a few seconds to acknowledge and gives kudos to.

The only thing worse than thinking that the whole world has gathered around you with fire and pitchforks, is to join in the angry mob yourself. It can be extremely overwhelming to feel outnumbered by unfortunate events. Even out those odds with some positive thinking, reflection, and appreciation for things you couldn't really live without.

Your Heartbeat

This sounds silly, but quite honestly, where would you be without life itself? The idea that you are living and facing obstacles, as difficult as they may seem in that given moment, is something worth noting. Life is an adventure that won't last forever. If you're reading this, chances are you've still got it to live, so get to it.

Your Family

The magical forces of family are felt day in and day out. Ever wonder how one call or talk with your mom or dad can subside whatever burden or headache you initially started with? It's like family is always there to aid you, even in your darkest days. Hold them close, and appreciate them everyday.

Your Passions

Passions are usually our escape away from our current state of mind and the world as a whole. When we're having a bad day, it's your one way ticket to shinier times. No matter how simple your passion is, always appreciate the euphoric and transporting affects it has on your mood and well-being.

The Love From Your Pup

I've said this a million times, but we do not deserve dogs. They love us no matter what, and their cuddle time makes you forget about everything. You could have the absolute worse day ever and walk in, only to be greeted by a wagging tail and furry face that wants nothing but to spend time with you. Seriously, dogs are so freaking amazing.

Your Willingness To Let Bygones Be Bygones

When we feel like we've been cornered by the stresses of the world, we have to appreciate that this too shall pass. Not only that, but we have to love the idea that we aren't going to let this bad day define everything that follows. Call it maturity or enlightenment, if you want to.

Peace And Quiet

Oftentimes, we get overclouded with our worse days and have nowhere to actually analyze what's making it bad in the first place. Appreciate those times of peace and quiet, where you can let your mind wonder without any outside noise. You may even come to find that a majority of that "bad day" is coming from your own skewed perspective. Mind over matter.


I'm no doctor, but that doesn't mean I haven't experienced and appreciated the healing powers of a long overdue laugh. I don't care if you have to re-watch that video your friend tagged you in ages ago — just do it. Laughing doesn't hands-on fix your problems, but it chuckles you in the direction of a clearer mind and lighter heart.

Don't sleep on those little gems of appreciation that'll totally get you from a seemingly horrible day to better times. Even when it seems like everything else is falling apart, you don't have to join in.