6 Things People Who Don't Smile 24/7 Are Tired AF Of Hearing

A smile can go a long way, but if you're anything like me, you don't show the pearly whites aimlessly just to make other people comfortable. That's not a bad thing. Who wants to wear a fake smile everyday, anyway? With that mindset, though, there are a few things you hear when you don't smile on the regular, and it's getting old, real fast.

Make me laugh, OK. Master a perfectly-timed side eye, and I'm here for it. These are all appropriate times for me to crack a smile, among other things. Other than that, why should I feel obligated to be cheesin' when I'm literally just sitting somewhere in my thoughts? It's not a resting b*tch face, so don't even go there.

There's such a thing as being content with your thoughts and simply just baring a non-smiling face. Now, if you assume the worst from that... that's not really my problem. We all know the little riddle about what happens when you assume. It just makes an a** out of you and me. Honestly, almost every unwarranted question or comment toward someone not smiling is based off of a pretty shallow assumption. I can't be the only one who faces this dilemma of always having to explain an unsmiling face. If you're tuned in, then you've heard all of these lines in the form of a broken record.

When Someone Asks You If You're Mad

There's a huge difference between exhibiting mad-like qualities and literally not smiling. Are my eyebrows arched, or is there a massive crease in the skin on my forehead? If not, chances are I'm not mad. Smiling is amazing, but it has some horrible backlash if you aren't always doing it.

When They Assume You Have An Attitude

There's almost nothing worse than being accused of having an attitude when you truly don't have one. Actually, being falsely portrayed as having an attitude is what unleashes the real attitude. It's quite funny how that works. Is there no in-between? Not smiling shouldn't automatically mean that I'm likely to give you a notorious eye roll.

When They Order You To Smile

Please cut the "put a smile on" antics, will ya? Why do people feel the need to tell you to smile when there's nothing remotely relevant to smile about at the moment? Does it mean I'm sad? No. Am I mad? Not even a little bit. I'm just here, a human being living life and not smiling at this time.

When Someone Says You Look "Mean"

Geese, that hurt. Even the nicest person in the world isn't smiling all of the time. That doesn't make them less nice. They just made a choice not to smile at that time. Seriously though, judging someone for not smiling when you want them to is a tad selfish, isn't it?

Anything Involving The Phrase "The Long Face"

That expression couldn't be any more irksome when you literally aren't frowning, but you just aren't smiling, either. Why does not smiling have to be quickly associated with sadness? There are plenty of normal facial expressions that don't involve smiling. But then again, this goes back to that annoying assuming thing that people have so much fun doing.

Being Asked When's The Last Time You Smiled

What's funny is that this usually comes from someone who has seen you once or twice. Those odds are not enough for you to question my smile bank. It's not bankrupt, we just aren't cashing out smiles so you can feel better about your life. Besides, people who don't smile all of the time aren't guilty of never smiling. We're saving our grinning greatness for when we want to.

No hating on the people who wear a smile proudly all of the time, but that's not all of us. Let us live, and stop assuming you've summed us up because we aren't smiling when it's convenient for you.