iPhone X Shipping Delays Are Being Reported & You Might Not Get Yours As Soon As Promised

by Collette Reitz
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The day has finally come. You can officially preorder Apple's newest smartphone, the iPhone X. Even though you can order the phone today, the earliest you'll be able to hold it in your hands is Nov. 3 (the day the phone is released). It may take even longer than that, though, because there are reports that some orders of the iPhone X won't be shipped on time, and your Nov. 3 delivery date could be delayed.

According to The Verge, if you preorder the iPhone X at a time, say, after reading this, there is a good chance that you won't get it until December. The Verge reported that Apple Stores in the U.S. are showing delivery times of five to six weeks. The article goes on to say that a Nov. 3 arrival of the iPhone X is most plausible for those people who were up and buying right as the preorder opened on Oct. 27, so if you didn't set your "Preorder the iPhone X" alarm at the crack of dawn today, you might be waiting longer than Nov. 3.

Apple is not blind to the high demand for the new iPhone X, and the tech giant reminds its customers that the iPhone X will be available in stores beginning on Nov. 3. In an email from Apple, an Apple spokesperson tells Elite Daily:

We are thrilled to be taking orders for iPhone X, the future of the smartphone. We can see from the initial response, customer demand is off the charts. We’re working hard to get this revolutionary new product into the hands of every customer who wants one, as quickly as possible. We will keep accepting orders online, and iPhone X will be available at Apple retail stores on Friday, November 3 starting at 8 a.m., as well as from our carrier and retailer partners around the world.

What's the reason for the possible delays? According to The Verge, the upgrades that you'll get when you finally receive the iPhone X are big changes from the previous iPhones, such as the addition of Face ID in favor of Touch ID and the OLED panel. There is a possibility that the creation of these new components is causing some delay in the shipping of the iPhone X. Good things take time, right?

One of the most exciting upgrades, the OLED panel, is being sourced from Samsung, and Apple is counting on them to produce enough of the OLED panels for the iPhone X. The other big switch to Face ID requires different components than Apple was previously using for Touch ID. The Verge states that Apple has called out any claims of struggling "to create reliable Face ID components" as "completely false." If this were an issue, though, it could likely lead to longer wait times for the coveted iPhone X.

The Verge reports that it is not unusual to see to specific colors or configurations of new iPhones with longer wait times than others. For example, the iPhone 7 in Jet Black had up to an eight-week delay when it was released. The Verge also reports that the longer delivery times could have been a lot worse for such a highly-anticipated and innovative phone.

If you're planning on standing in line on Nov. 3, you'll want to get there early to make sure you secure your iPhone X because, as The Verge reports, it might be weeks or months before you can go into an Apple store and come out with an iPhone X on a regular basis. That's not too bad, though, because given the high price tag of the iPhone X, you might want to have a little more time to save up. Plus, you'll get to mull over your color choice and whether you'll go for the Silver or Space Gray version (these are big decisions, people).

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