When These 10 Situations In Life Aren't Working Out, You May Be Trying Too Hard

You can't ever really predict those disappointing times when things really don't work out. No matter how much you want them to, some things just seem to fall short of your expectations. Welcome to life. For those times when something doesn't work out, you really should embrace the "what's meant to be, will be" mentality.

When it comes down to it, you may be trying too hard. It's OK, because we've all been there. You grow up believing that maximum effort will never fail you and it'll always give you some pretty great results. Well, that's not completely true — especially when you are in full swing adulting mode. Being or aiming to be a perfectionist isn't a guarantee that things will work out like you thought they would. In fact, there are times when you really just have to sit back and go with the tide, so that you aren't being pummeled under the waves unexpectedly.

Things aren't going to work out, and it's just part of life. We make learning experiences out of them. But if you notice a pattern of things not working out and you feel totally drained when they don't, do not fret. There are more than a few situations where this whole idea of maximum effort might not deliver a scenario that works out in your favor.

Your Close Friend Keeps Disappointing You

No one likes disappointment, and many times we have a right to feel that way. But if your close friend — someone who is supposed to know you pretty well — keeps disappointing you, there's some analyzing that needs to go down. It might be that you are trying too hard to invest so much emotional responsibility in them. Sometimes, you need to sit back and let people be as available to you as they can and are ready for.

You've Lost Count Of How Many Subscriptions You're Signed Up For

I know this sounds silly, but how many times have you just leaped into a subscription because it seemed cool at the time? You may also be trying so hard to stay updated on what's hot and trending. Having a bunch of subscriptions you can hardly track or use is going to get super overwhelming.

You Have An Expensive Apartment That You Really Can't Afford

Who wouldn't want to live in the apartment of their dreams? But how can you really enjoy it if you're thinking about how you can't afford it all of the time? You can't really consider that to be home sweet home. You should be comfortable, not stressing out about it.

You Feel Disconnected From Your Parents

This might seem like a situation that is caused by everything other than you trying too hard, but don't be fooled. As adults, we try so hard to prove to our parents and others that we are independent, some of us may resort to not talking to them or interacting with them so they can't peep our adulting frustrations. Your parents are most likely always there for you to vent. Don't try so hard to totally live without them.

You're Staying In A Career That's Not For You

Your job that requires button-ups and slacks might be the job you expected to get with your degree, but that doesn't mean it's for you. Stop trying to fit a shoe that really isn't your size. If it's not for you and you have to drag yourself to work every single day, consider looking for other options.

Your Fridge Is Filled With More Takeout Leftovers Than Fresh Food To Prepare

The fact that you have so many leftovers from outside places could mean that you are trying too hard to keep up with social plans or with the fast-paced schedule you have for yourself. A delicious, home-cooked meal does the soul good. Besides, takeout containers crowd so much room in the fridge, and that alone may add unnecessary stress to your daily routine.

A Crush Is Really Just Not Into You

It sucks when a person isn't into you. The storybook ending always says you get the guy or girl in the end — but this is real life we're talking about here.

If a person isn't into you, you should invest time in yourself and stop putting energy into wishing for something that may never pan out how you'd like it to. You're such a gem, and you deserve someone who sees and appreciates that.

You Are Hardly Making Any Time For Your Passion

Because you may be trying to fit into the professional expectations of an adult, you've put your passions on the back burner. Your professional footprint is so important, but the imprint a passion puts on your soul is a tad more fulfilling. Don't try too hard to be something you're expected to be over something that makes you who you are.

You Are Not Impressed With Your Fresh Start Haircut

Hey, did you even really want to cut your hair, or was that pin on Pinterest just super cute at the time? A hair fiasco is bound to happen, but it may stem from you wanting a look you liked on someone else and not necessarily for yourself. You may have also been trying hard to warrant change in your life and thought your hair would be a quick way to do it.

You Can't Seem To Make Work Friends

Creating a solid group of work friends can be such a struggle. If you're new, try not to make yourself super eager to meet everyone and learn every single detail about them. Play it cool and look for little windows to make genuine conversation. Obviously, you aren't going to be BFFs on the first day, but you have time to form natural bonds.

If everything in life wasn't meant to work out the first time, you couldn't really classify that as living. Life has its ups and downs, but there's so much beauty and lessons to be had during the ride.