Here's All The Information We Have About 'Westworld' Season 3

by Ani Bundel

Warning: Spoilers for Westworld Season 2 finale follow. Westworld Season 2 ended on a shocking set of revelations. The biggest revealed that Dolores was as big a monster as any human. Fans got to go inside the Forge and see James Delos' early host attempts, and the reality that humans don't change. Viewers saw the Valley Beyond and why some crossed and some didn't. With so much packed into the 90-minute episode, fans are now desperate to know: When does Westworld Season 3 premiere? The door finally opened, and that one-third of the hosts "virgin" minds? They escaped. It was a crack in the park's reality that allowed the hosts who crossed through it to shed themselves of their host bodies. Their minds entered a green space inside the Forge, to live on forever, away from human control.

Dolores felt it was a false promise, another trap, another place where their minds would be enslaved. It was not true freedom. So she flooded the system and began erasing all the data from inside the Forge. She believed she was saving them. Bernard shot her in order to stop her. But then he realized what a mistake he had made, and resurrected her with Ford's help, in Charlotte's host clone.


But Bernard was still loads of trouble, even after Elsie found him as he left the Forge. So he was the one who scrambled his memories and unlabeled them. Because he made a choice to resurrect Dolores and allow her to escape to the real world.

So when does Season 3 come out? It's going to be a long wait.

Fans have a lot to wait for too. Dolores' escape wasn't the end of the episode, though with William's body found on the beach as a "high profile" case, and Maeve's dead host body in line to perhaps be resurrected once more, it seemed like the show certainly had enough going for it to head into Season 3. But then, after the credits rolled, the scene with William and Emily happened, as it became obvious to all and sundry that he, like his father in law before him, is in the human host testing chamber, and Emily is checking him for fidelity.

Seriously, this show gave themselves a lot going into next season. This is probably why they're going into filming ASAP.

There was a 16-month wait between Seasons 1 and 2, partly because HBO didn't expect the show to be the hit it was. There were also script changes, an on-set accident, and weather delays.


HBO doesn't want that to happen again. They're so locked into making sure Westworld Season 3 is ready for next spring, they've decided to not even send them to San Diego Comic-Con.

This makes for an interesting conundrum though, as next spring is also when fans expect Game of Thrones to air their final six episodes. Is the thought that HBO will air GoT in March and early April and then follow it directly with 10 episodes of Westworld in the late April to June calendar slot?

It would be one hell of a power move is they did, and cement Westworld's position as HBO's spiritual heir to their Westerosi flagship series. It would also probably make for an Emmys flood of HBO nominations. But in terms of scheduling, it would make the most sense to put the two shows back to back in the Sundays at 9 p.m. slot, guaranteeing ratings domination for sixteen weeks straight.

Until then, all fans can do is go to Reddit and freak out over what they saw tonight. Because Westworld, if nothing else, just upped their game considerably.