Here's When Mercury Retrograde Ends, So You Can Make Plans For When It's Over

by Valerie Mesa

It's that time again, stargazers. Mercury the messenger is just weeks away from stationing retrograde, and of course, the majority of us are already shaking in our boots. Don't deny it. No one gets excited for retrograde cycles. Now, I'm sure you're wondering, when does Mercury Retrograde November 2018 end? Luckily, this tricky transit typically lasts for about three weeks; however, by no means does it make it less annoying. Not even close. No offense, Mercury retrograde, but you're not exactly charming. Although, you do know a thing or two about the past, don't you? I totally just had conversation with Mercury, but don't mind me.

Granted, I'm one of the many who can't help but dread the Mercury retrograde effects, especially when I've experienced it first hand. Imagine, Mercury rules everything related to our mental process, communication, and general exchanges. So, you best believe, when this planet slows down, and stops working at its full potential, there's no denying the consequences. Which reminds me, the messenger planet officially starts its backwards spin on Friday, Nov. 16, at exactly 8:33 p.m. ET, in the worldly and oh-so-adventurous sign of Sagittarius. Are you thinking BIG? Or are you settling for the easy way out?

Before I forget, and don't say I didn't warn you, this retrograde cycle could definitely feel stronger than most, and I'll tell you why. By the time Mercury stations retrograde, Jupiter will have already entered Sagittarius, which also happens to be its sign of rulership. This is EXTRA AF, my fellow stargazers. Remember, Jupiter is the planet of expansion, so everything it touches, automatically gets bigger, almost like a magnifying glass. So, you can just imagine Sag season. Anyhoo, fasten your seat belts, because it's going to be a wild ride.

Mercury In Sagittarius

In spontaneous Sagittarius, Mercury does not settle for the "perceived facts." On the contrary, the messenger planet will search far and wide, in order to see the "truth" firsthand. Put it this way: Sagittarius is ruled by lucky Jupiter, planet of abundance and expansion, and in their eyes, anything's possible. So what happens when Mercury is in Sagittarius? Well, for starters, Mercury relays the message, and Sagittarius needs more than one perspective, so it's safe to say, Mercury in Sagittarius is quite the philosopher. In fact, you know how Mercury in Scorpio revels in taboo-like conversations, and all that's beneath the surface? Well, Mercury in Sagittarius is actually quite similar, except cat's out of the bag. This Mercury isn't as secretive, or nearly as analytical. Mercury in Sagittarius has no filter, but don't be fooled by its almighty language, and overwhelming optimism that feels larger-than-life. In the sign of the archer, the messenger planet is truth-seeking, as it is constantly searching for answers, stimulating conversations, and "the bigger picture," in every sense of the word.

Mercury Retrograde In Sagittarius

Are you the procrastinating type? Ha. Just wait until Mercury starts its backwards journey through happy-go-lucky Sagittarius. Oh, but what ever could be the problem? (No offense, Sagittarius babe, but we all know your extreme confidence can be borderline denial at times. Then again, this is why we love you, but we have to face the facts.) Now, Mercury rules communication, transportation, technology, and the petty details, right? Well, Sagittarius loves to explore, travel, and go on adventures. With that being said, make sure you double and triple check your travel itinerary for the holidays. Mercury retro is notorious for last-minute glitches, missing paperwork, and mis-communication in general. So, don't test your luck, stargazers. Try your best to be extra tedious and organized from Nov. 16 through Dec. 6. Although, technically, we're already experiencing Mercury Retrograde's "shadow period," so I wouldn't be surprised if you're feeling it - especially you, Sagittarius. Again, try to stay on schedule, and avoid last-minute deadlines, procrastination, and biting more than you can chew. Think BIG, but keep it together.