Here's When You Can Watch BTS' New Movie 'Burn The Stage' In Theaters

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The BTS ARMY is waiting with bated breath for the band’s very first feature film, Burn the Stage, to hit theaters. And much to their surprise, the film will be on the big screen much sooner than they think. So, when does Burn the Stage come out? Thankfully, all you BTS fans out there will only have to wait less than a month to see the film!

According to Variety, Burn the Stage: The Movie is set to premiere on Nov. 15. The film will give fans a glimpse of what goes on when their favorite K-Pop band is on tour. Burn the Stage follows BTS during their Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings tour, which occurred in 2017. The expansive tour spanned 19 cities and 40 different performances. When all was said and done, the guys performed for over half a million fans. So, the BTS ARMY will get to see how all the band members handle the pressure of being internationally famous.

Variety also reports that the film will feature interviews with each of the seven BTS band members. So, as soon as Nov. 15 rolls around, get ready to see RM, Jin, SUGA, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook up close and on the big screen. It’s going to be an exciting movie theater adventure, for sure!

When Burn the Stage: The Movie was announced just a week ago on Oct. 12, the official BTS Instagram account shared a glimpse of the film’s poster. The poster shows all the guys taking a bow on stage in front of a huge crowd. And it looks fantastic if I do say so myself!

Can’t wait for Burn the Stage? Here’s what the poster for the film looks like:

Directed by Park Jun Foo, Burn the Stage: The Movie is essentially an expanded version of a pre-existing YouTube series of the same name that launched in March 2017. The original documentary series included eight episodes and gave fans an inside look at the band’s total dedication to their music, their fans, and to each other.

Really, Burn the Stage, in both its original and theatrical formats, is all about how BTS comes together to make their dreams come true.

According to the Burn the Stage website, the film is an “unmissable cinema event” that “provides an intimate look at what happens when the most successful global boyband of all time breaks down barriers and invades the mainstream music scene.”

So, it’s a must-see film, for sure. The film will be available for limited screenings in select cities. And tickets will be available for purchase on Oct. 22. If you want to snag some tickets to this movie, you’d do best to get them right away!

I’m sure you’re familiar with BTS and their ARMY of fans, so you know how enthusiastic they are about the band. If their passionate love for BTS is anything to go by, then all those limited screening tickets will go fast. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see your favorite band on the big screen! And, more importantly, make sure you mark Nov. 15 on your calendars.