Justin Hartley as Kevin on This Is Us

'This Is Us' Fans Are All Asking 1 Big Question About Kevin & Sophie

by Ani Bundel

When This Is Us first started, most of the interest was in the early timelines, while the present-day sometimes felt like connective tissue stringing them together. But the show has changed over the years, and Season 4 rarely feels that way. Instead, the present-day actions of the Big Three are the main plot. The past has settled into commentary, juxtaposed against the present. But that doesn't mean the past still can't surprise viewers. There are still questions fans don't know the answers to, like when did Kevin and Sophie get married on This Is Us? It turns out it was a shock for everyone. Warning: Spoilers for This Is Us Season 4 follow.

This week's episode of This Is Us, "Flip A Coin," was an intricate lace of the past and present. It began when Kevin got a piece of news that hit him in the core: The Manny was finally canceled. It felt almost like an ambush to the audience, "Hey, remember The Manny from Season 1?" But it was an emotional surprise attack on Kevin, too. Sure, he quit to become a movie star. But the show was his home for nearly a decade.

Kevin's memories of his filming the pilot episode revolved around a screaming baby. That took the audience to present-day Kate, also confronted by a screaming Baby Jack. But she's not the only one having baby problems. Deja introduced Malik to Randall and Beth, both of whom were ready to put their feet down on this relationship, despite how charming a kid he is. As Beth said, Deja does not need to be dating a boy who puts babies in people.


Randall and Beth's situation took the past back to when Beth's mother, Carol, tried to do much the same for her daughter, judging Randall as not strong enough for her child. It helped that Carol was on hand in the present, still clearly judging Randall to this day. But back then, Carol reasoned Randall's loss of his father had been too great. This was a family still in the depths of grief, and Randall wasn't ready to be throwing himself into a relationship.

Too bad no one was there to say the same for Kevin.

Randall and Beth blessedly were taking it slow at Carnegie Mellon. Inspired by Carol, Rebecca suggested to Kate they too should find their strength and take the first steps out of the dark. But up in New York, it turned out Kevin's fragile state had driven him to grab on to the only stable thing he had. In a phone call home to mom, Kevin attempted to toss it in all casual. He had an audition, things were going great at school, and...

"And I got married! Married to Sophie... Can you send me some money?..."


Kevin's entire marriage took place before the present day of This Is Us. Fans had always wondered when and why their marriage happened and how it ended. Now viewers know. Kevin married Sophie practically right out of high school, when, in the words of Carol, he was still folded in on himself.

Fans will unfortunately have to see the marriage unfold and inevitably crumble. This Is Us Season 3 is now airing on NBC.