OMG, There's A New Dating App That Guarantees You A Date Within An Hour Of Matching

by Candice Jalili

Anyone who's ever been on a dating app has had that annoying experience where you're talking to someone for what feels like forever and the two of you just never make plans to meet up. Well, if that's annoying to you, you might want to consider downloading Bounce. What's the dating app Bounce, you ask? Allow me to explain.

Simply put, Bounce is a new dating app that actually guarantees you an IRL date. How does it do that? Well, let me take you through it step by step.

First, you obviously have to create an account. Just like other dating apps, Bounce asks you to sync to your Facebook then give some deets on where you work and/or went to school, and answer some "fun questions" that help potential matches get a better feel for who you are. Pretty standard stuff. But the profile setup is pretty much the only thing that's standard about Bounce.

Once you've created your profile, rather than swiping through random people's profiles, you have the ability to "check in" during the designated check-in time of the day.


You check in by logging onto the app as soon as it goes live, and from there, you pick the neighborhoods in which you'd be down to go on a date. (Currently, the app is only available to users in New York. According to its site, it'll soon be coming to San Francisco, Miami, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C.)


After you check in, the real fun begins as you enter a 15-minute-long matching session where the app presents you with potential people to go on a date with. You have one minute to decide on each person they present you with.


You can either click on an X sign if you don't like the person or a check mark if you do and, if you and another person both press the check mark, Bounce will send you off on a date at the designated date time.

Yep, that's right — Bounce is in charge of all of the planning so you and your date don't have to worry. They pick the place and the time. All the two of you have to do is show up.


I know. It's so fun.

Say goodbye to nights of sitting at home alone bored, wishing you could go on a date! Now all you have to do is log onto an app and have a date lined up within the hour.

But don't get too greedy! Bounce prides itself on being all about "quality over quantity," meaning you only get one date per night.

And don't even think about flaking unless you really have a super legit emergency. "In the event a last minute emergency comes up and you absolutely have to cancel, you’ll have the option to do so in the app," says their site. "However, in order to ensure a great Bounce experience for everyone, we have strict policy on cancellations and users who cancel or no show will have their accounts suspended."

If you're a single person in NYC looking to go on more dates, what are you waiting for? Load Bounce onto your phone by clicking here ASAP!