The Best Mattress For Sex Depends On You, So Here's What To Consider

Having a satisfying sex life is definitely something to aspire to, but also something that can take work. It takes finding the right partner, figuring out what you both enjoy in the bedroom, and real effort to keep things fresh and exciting. There are several factors to consider: positions, time of day, location, and so much more, but one underrated key player is the literal foundation of a great sex life. No, it's not your emotional connection or your communication skills (although those are very important factors!) It's your mattress. So, what’s the best type of mattress for sex? Needless to say, you have options.

Having the right mattress for sexy times may be more important than you think. That's because the mattress you and bae use can impact which sex positions are more easily achievable, not to mention how much effort it takes to actually have sex. Does your mattress offer some helpful bounce? Or is it absorbing all that energy? As Nagma V. Clark, certified sex therapist and couples' counselor, told Insider Living, mattress bounce is a really essential factor to consider when it comes to sex.

"The extra bounce helps in changing positions effortlessly while at the same time providing support. Also, the bouncing back effect greatly helps in keeping the rhythm going because sex is like dancing — it needs rhythm and coordination," she explained. Other things she says to consider are the durability of the mattress, how much noise it makes, and, of course, the softness. One more factor to add is how much heat it retains, because sure, you want the sex to be hot, but not the mattress you’re trying to sleep on afterwards.

So, with all that in mind, what kind of mattress is optimal for sex? Let's break the pros and cons down by type.

Memory Foam Mattress

According to NASA (yes, that NASA), memory foam was originally developed by NASA in the '70s “to improve seat cushioning and crash protection for airline pilots and passengers." While that might not be the sexy origin story you were picturing, what makes this type of foam so appealing for mattresses is that it responds to body heat, which makes it soften and contour to your body. Sounds great, but what does that mean for sex?

First and foremost, memory foam mattresses are very quiet, so sex can be discreet if you have roommates, kids, or anyone around who you'd rather not be privy to your shenanigans. They're also firm enough that most positions are achievable.

They do, however, have some drawbacks. For one thing, they retain heat, which may not be noticeable while you're getting it on, but could be uncomfortable afterwards, when you're ready to cool down. They also absorb motion, which is great if your partner tosses and turns at night, but means you don’t get the benefit of mattress bounce to help create a rhythm during sex.

Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses, which are typically made from natural rubber — though some are made from synthetic rubber — share many of the benefits of memory foam, particularly that they're quiet, so you can keep your sexy times on the down low. But they are actually more breathable than memory foam, so they don’t retain the same amount of heat. Plus, latex is much bouncier than memory foam.

Overall, this type of mattress is great for sex. There’s really only one major drawback, and that’s the price. You will probably pay more for a latex mattress than any other type, so that is definitely something to consider if you're budget is lower.

Spring Mattress

The spring mattress is a classic, and when it comes to bounce, this type of mattress can't be beat. However, they have their shortcomings as well. They are less durable than foam and latex mattresses, so they can break down and may need to be replaced sooner. But most of all, spring mattress are not discreet; we all know exactly what that telltale mattress creak means.

Of all the mattress types, latex is probably the best for sex — if you're willing and able to drop some serious dough on your bed. If not, then the good news is that all mattress options have strengths — it's actually just about finding what's right for you. And remember: Make sure it's comfortable to sleep on, too!