7 Qualities You Want Your Sister's Soulmate To Have, Because She's Your World

You and your sister have probably been plotting your happily ever afters since you were little kids. By now, you've strayed away from the enchanting magic carpet rides, sparkling pumpkin coaches, and beautifully-misplaced glass slippers. You've moved onto peeping what really makes a person "the one" who you'll spend your life with. Your sister has clued you in on what she's liked and didn't like about partners in the past. Needless to say, what you look for in your sister's soulmate is really quite clear — because your opinion is so important.

You know that your sister deserves the whole world. As extremely demanding as that may sound, her soulmate means everything to her. Soulmates are people who leave an everlasting impact on us. You don't grow up knowing exactly who your soulmate is, but once you find them, you'll never be the same (in a good way).

Your sister's forever person is just as important to you as they are to her. You'll be entrusting them with your sister's heart — the heart that you've likely help mend in the past. Your approval of your sister's soulmate shouldn't be taken lightly. So, you know that these key qualities would reassure you that this person could, in fact, be her forever person, IRL.

They Are Selfless
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Your sister's soulmate should be as selfless as she is. They know that a great relationship takes effort from both sides, and compromising is most certainly a key player. They should be vocal with your sis about how to strengthen their bond in whatever way possible.

They're All About Living In The Present And Don't Dwell On The Past
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Your sister's forever person won't dwell on your sister's past. It has likely come up, but they're far too invested in the present and what exciting things will come in their future together. Your sister's soulmate should be so focused on their relationship and living in the moment, that the past is, well, in the past.

You Vibe With Them Naturally

OK, obviously your sister's relationship doesn't revolve around you, but you've got to get along with them. If you randomly catch yourself feeling like you've known this person forever and they already feel like part of the family — they may very well be soulmate material. Besides, things feel a lot better when you can tag along on dates and not feel like you're hardcore third-wheeling.

They're Tremendously Invested In Your Sister's Happiness
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Just when you thought you were one of the only people that would move mountains if it meant your sister was happy, this person subs in. Your sister's soulmate should go to any and all heights to make her happy. You'll be grateful that another person holds her happiness as near and dear as you do.

They Don't Stop Doing The Little Things
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You know how some people have a tendency to show maximum effort in the beginning and then they fall short once time passes? Well, your sister's forever person doesn't forget those sweet, little things. They stay consistent and still practice the same little affections that swooped your sister off of her feet in the first place.

They Make Your Sister Smile In A Way You've Never Seen Before
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You and your sister have shared all kinds of laughs together. In fact, you may have even assumed that you've witnessed every form of laughter she can muster. This person, and the way she looks at them, will make her smile in a way that you have never seen before — but you fall in love with it almost immediately.

They Bring Out The Best Parts Of Your Sis
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You already know your day one is an incredibly awesome person. There's no doubt about that. Your sister's soulmate will allow the best parts of her to shine all of the time. They should even help her tap into parts of herself that she was having difficulty developing. In other words, this person is a catalyst to your sister's self-growth.

Your sister's soulmate might not appear on command, but you'll know when they've landed in her life. You can't wait to bare witness to a fairy tale love story written just for her.