Here's What The New Moon In Aquarius Might Mean For Your Love Life

by Cosmo Luce
Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images News/Getty Images

There's no better love on the planet than the relationship between moon and tide. Both bodies are separate, moving in their own cycles and responding to one another. They rise and fall away in time. The moon and the ocean share a bond, and yet, we see them as their own entities. During the new moon, the tide is at the lowest levels in the ocean, replenishing itself for when its celestial lover returns to her full power in the sky. And with the new moon in Aquarius on Feb. 15, you and your lover might experience a period of silence where it seems like the two of you are completely alone in your thoughts.

What you make of this time is yours to choose. You can use it to explore new terrains of yourself. Or you can indulge in the anxieties that rush in from your subconscious and find reasons to doubt your love. How you choose to view silence and distance will change the course of your love life.

Ovid's myth of Eros and Psyche is useful for illustrating my point. In this myth, Psyche was the soul personified, the youngest daughter of the King. Eros, better known as Cupid, was the son of Aphrodite. In this story, he represents passion.

Through a series of events, Aphrodite grew jealous of Psyche and doomed her to marry a winged serpent. The curse was supposed to be carried out by Eros, but he pricked himself with one of his own arrows when he saw Psyche and fell in love with her. He took her to his palace, where he remained invisible to her. Even though Psyche's sisters were allowed to visit her in her splendid quarters, even though she spent her days bathed by the music he played her on his harp, she was suspicious of her husband. Because she could not see her husband, she doubted the love that she felt for him. The doubt, encouraged by her sisters, grew in Psyche's heart until she eventually grew so mistrustful that she lit a candle in the night to gaze upon her husband, thinking that if he appeared as a snake, she would kill him.

The story doesn't end there, but I'll pause in my retelling because I don't want my point to get lost. Love requires that you trust in something beyond what your eyes can't see. When you can't see your lover physically in front of you, does your heart leap to the worst conclusion? If your lover were to reveal themselves as something beyond what you expected, would you stay with them? Or would you kill the monster that your past projections make you see?

Just because you cannot see your love, doesn't mean that they aren't there. Love continues to exist in space and silence. The new moon might disappear from the sky, but it continues to influence the tide.

During the new moon in Aquarius, you might find your mind working overtime to make sense of the dreams that emerge from your heart. But you don't need to think your way through your feelings all of the time. Sometimes, it's OK to simply feel without expressing or acting on your emotions.

Experience your love fully, and don't worry whether the outcome of your emotions is unfamiliar. Because in order for the love you're feeling to last, this partnership needs to be like nothing you have ever known. Trust in yourself and in your good dreams, and discard the nightmares. Get excited about the unknown, and examine what you find with curiosity, instead of fear. Share your fears with your lover if it seems like you can't hold them. Don't give your doubt to someone who will feed your terror.

Don't let your doubt cloud your inner light. Even when the night is dark, the lantern of your soul will continue to light the way ahead.

You're on your way to a great and lasting marriage between yourself and the universe. The path has already been laid out for you, but you'll set yourself off course if you indulge in sorrow, fear, or doubt. Keep your heart open and your actions genuine and pure of feeling in order to find your footing through the dark.

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