What Your Lilith Sign Reveals About The "Dark Side" Of Your Sexuality

by Rosey Baker
Stocksy/ Sonja Lekovic

If you love astrology as much as you love f*cking, then this article is for you. Astrology is great for telling us what careers we're best suited for, but it's like, when are the stars gonna tell us what we really want to know? Like what kind of sex god we are? Turns out that there's an asteroid called Black Moon Lilith, just chilling in your astrology chart, waiting to tell you exactly what wild stallion you are when you really let loose and the lights go out. Use this calculator to find out what your lilith sign is, which can tell you exactly what kind of sex maniac you are.

Lilith's energy is more than just sex-driven though. This sign can bring out your most powerful feminine energy. It's provocative, biting, and when afflicted, it can be destructive. It has such a strong influence in some people's charts that it can disrupt their connection to reality. If you've ever been in a relationship that made you ask the question, "Is this purely sexual, or is it childhood issues I haven't worked through?" There's a good chance your combined charts have a challenging Lilith in them, but please don't use that as an excuse for anything. Do go find a professional to help you work through your childhood issues, because astrology won't save you from the dark codependent sex trance you're probably under. In fact, it's your own Lilith sign that will drive you to dig deep and face those childhood traumas head on.

Here's how to find out your Lilith sign, and what this sexy, powerful asteroid means, according to astrology.

What is The Black Moon Lilith?

Lilith is a goddess from ancient mythology. She's has a dark power about her and is associated with unbridled, wild energy and destruction. But her wildness is an important part of the creative life force, because destruction and creation are so intricately connected. That's why Lilith's energy is so often associated with sexuality, and le petité morté (the little death) that is an orgasm.

Technically speaking, the Black Moon Lilith is a mathematical point that’s exactly in between the earth and the moon. Essentially, it's empty space. Astrologically, it is represented by crescent moon glyph with a cross on the bottom.

How To Find Your Black Moon Lilith Sign & What It Means

Once you've looked up your lilith sign using this calculator, you can find out exactly what kind of sex god is just waiting to be unleashed from the depths of your soul.

Here's what your Black Moon Lilith sign says about you.

Lilith in Aries - The Politically Active Sex God

If your temper doesn't have the right outlet (like outrageously f*cking someone in the middle of a political protest) you could literally burn down a building with the fire in your loins.

Lilith in Taurus- The Lusty Indulgence Sex God

You want what you want, and allowing yourself to be as desirous as you damn please is an empowering aphrodisiac for you. You are turned on not just by getting what you want but by want itself. Your hunger for sex, power, money is endless. Use it!

Lilith in Gemini- The Mentally Omnivorous Sex God

Your voracious curiosity will lead you to try literally anything once because you want the experience and the story that follows it. You collect experiences, both the good and the bad, and leave no stone unturned in your quest to scratch that mental itch.

Lilith in Cancer- The "Morticia Adams" Sex God

That's right, you have a matriarchal sexiness to you. You'd let a man with severe mom issues pretend to breastfeed from you (Grapes of Wrath, anyone?), AND get turned on by how weird that is. Your downfall is caring for those and nurturing those who don't want your help.

Lilith in Leo- The Magnificent Golden Sex God

I'm not saying you're destined for it, but if you chose to be a porn star, you'd straight up kill it. You have an aura that gets all eyes on you and you love the attention, but your downfall is allowing your confidence to turn into all-consuming vanity. You could masturbate into a mirror until you die. Be careful.

Lilith in Virgo- The Self Destructive Sex God

Youuuu might die alone. I mean I'm kidding, but also not. No offense, but your hypercritical inner monologue could actually be the thing that, if you project it onto others, could isolate you forever. I don't know how to paint this in a better light. I mean, at least you have good attention to detail?

Lilith in Libra- The Loves-You-Loves-You-Not Sex God

Lilith in Libra endows you with the power to be a present partner while maintaining your wild individuality all at once, just be careful of a tendency to compartmentalize the two and lean too much into one or the other. You have the capacity to balance your relationship and yourself if you try.

Lilith in Scorpio- The Taboo Sex God

You're willing to go where no one else will go, to ask the questions no one else will ask, and to look at truths about yourself and others no one wants to look at. Just beware that with all that bravery, you're bound to find things even you didn't want to find. You f*ck like the devil though, so there's that!

Lilith in Sagittarius- The Rock-And-Roll Sex God

You're most likely to be found orgasming while trashing a hotel room on an exotic vacation. You make smudged mascara look better than Alice Cooper ever did, and you know how to find a party in the middle of the desert. Beware of overindulging in alcohol, because you do that like, all the f*cking time.

Lilith in Capricorn- The "Started-From-The-Bottom" Sex God

You might not be horny for sex but baby you're horny as hell for POWER! Power in numbers, baby. I'm talking about money. You use your chi to climb the ranks in society because the Beatles were WRONG; money actually can buy you love, or at least something that feels like it. You might die alone, but you won't die unsatisfied!

Lilith in Aquarius- The Rebel Sex God

Your sex moves and your mindset is ahead of your time, betch. Are you an alien sent here to teach the hoomans how to do sex more good? Probably. Do all of your sexual partners wonder if you are in actuality the ghost of David Bowie banging them into outer space? Definitely. Sorry your downfall is a feeling of deep estrangement from those who love you.

Lilith in Pisces- The Mystical Witch Sex God

In a world that chooses realism, practicality and logic, it's your job to show everyone that in fact, nothing is real, and life is a dream. You are deeply connected to the creative source of all things — the God or Goddess — if you choose to call it that. Just beware your downfall is also your strength; choosing fantasy over reality can result in substance abuse.