"Yoga Skin" Is The Brand New Makeup Trend Totally Taking Over Instagram

by Stephanie Montes

Any sort of "gym skin" I've ever known, on myself at least, was splotchy, sweaty, and red skin — you know, from being out of breathe and all. But apparently, the "yoga skin" trend, a slightly glow, lit-from-within look, is blowing up on Instagram. While that may sound nuts when you first hear it, if you think about it really, it totally makes sense. If I remember correctly, during the last yoga class I took (OK, it's been a while), I barely broke a sweat — although, by the end, my skin was glistening. I had a flush on my skin, but my face wasn't totally red. Essentially, yoga skin is that ~workout glow~ that people talk about getting after a really good exercise sesh. Luckily, some makeup artists have mastered getting that glowy, pink-cheeks look with some really good makeup tips, no trip to the gym necessary.

So here's the deal with how yoga skin started. It comes courtesy of UK-based makeup artist Sara Hill, who has been sharing photos and videos of the radiant makeup look with the hashtag #yogaskin. In one of the captions, she writes, "I created [the yoga skin technique] to make the skin look lit 💡from within. Healthy, glowing, hydrated, radiant, sheer and natural. Skin that looks like skin at its very best." Following Hill's lead, other makeup artists and beauty junkies quickly caught on to the trend as well.

In Hill's Instagram caption, she goes on to break down the process of achieving this look step by step. And, as I'm sure you already guessed, it takes a lot of work to keep this looking natural and not like you used makeup.

To start, Hill said to begin by cleansing and applying your go-to skincare products like you typically do, just be sure to allow everything to fully absorb into your skin. Then, she says to apply a silicone-free primer.

Next, you'll mix yourself a glowy little foundation cocktail. Hill said to mixes three or four pumps of liquid foundation, one drop of face oil, and one drop of liquid highlighter. (She claims golden tones work best.) If you really want to, you can also mix in a drop of glow oil. Once that cocktail is mixed, Hill stressed the importance of applying it to your face with your hands, as "it gets the circulation flowing, relaxes you, de-puffs, and makes the base sit better, too." If you want to layer the mixture for more coverage, you can, but Hill suggested waiting between layers a bit to give the layer time to set.

Studio Firma/Stocksy

Once your have your base finished, Hill said to very lightly apply liquid concealer in the areas you absolutely need it — but don't go wild here. Finally, add a bit of cream blush and/or cream bronzer if you want to add some color to your look, and (again, if you want to) you can then lightly set everything in place with translucent powder and a small fluffy brush or puff. But the secret is to keep it light and sheer — baking not necessary.

At this point, Hill said you can totally use a setting spray if you want to. But make sure to pick one that's free of alcohol, as these can be drying. Remember, this look is all about hydration.

Yes, this does, indeed, sound like a lot of work, but as you can see, the look is totally stunning. All I know is, for me, it totally beats holding difficult poses for an hour while my muscles convulse uncontrollably.