What is Victoria F. doing after 'The Bachelor'?

Here's What We Know About Victoria F.'s Life After 'The Bachelor'


Well, folks, another contestant has exited The Bachelor in the March 2 episode, leaving just two people vying for Peter's heart. After a long — and very often drama-filled — Bachelor journey, Peter finally called his up-and-down relationship with Victoria quits. Since Victoria's time on the show had been all about dating Peter — no cellphones, nor contact with the outside world for nearly two months — you might be wondering what Victoria F. is doing after The Bachelor. Here's a quick update about her life without Pilot Pete.

First, just because Victoria is no longer on The Bachelor, it doesn't mean she doesn't have a full schedule. It appears she's kept busy with work, since her Instagram bio notes she's still a medical sales rep. A quick browse of her Instagram also shows she's dabbling in all sorts of new activities. For example, her bio now mentions she's an "M.S. Econ student," although doesn't reveal where she's pursuing this degree.

On top of her work and studies, somehow Victoria seems to have made time for extracurricular fun and philanthropy. She recently attended the Fifth Annual Beach Ball in Virginia Beach, which supports the Cancer Care Foundation of Tidewater, "a local nonprofit that provides emotional support, guidance and financial assistance to people touched by cancer."

She's also found time for hobbies. Victoria joined her local North End Run Club, which brings people together for outdoor runs every week. She even earned a big trophy for a club award titled the #NERGYcup, and showed it off proudly on social media. The photo's caption hints that the end of her Bachelor journey could have contributed to this new activity: "Running was never my thing until recently when I was looking for an outlet to clear my head."

Another thing Victoria has been doing since leaving The Bachelor has been defending herself from online critics, who always pop up, especially when a controversial person arrives on the show. But since she has had to keep her life pretty under wraps until her Bachelor journey played out on TV, there have not been many more updates from her directly. Perhaps fans will get more personal life updates from her soon.

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