Tyreek and the Fab Five on 'QUeer Eye'

Here's What Tyreek Is Up To After 'Queer Eye' Season 5

Ryan Collerd/Netflix

Season 5 of Queer Eye was full of heartwarming stories, but some heroes stay with viewers longer than others. One such hero is Tyreek, who was all about giving back to his community, and watching him get supported by the Fab Five was a seriously moving experience. After his appearance on Season 5, fans will be glad to see what Tyreek is doing after Queer Eye still fits with his mission for serving others.

Tyreek Wanamaker, the subject of Season 5, Episode 4 of Queer Eye, is from a Pennsylvania suburb called Fishtown, where he became a staple in his community's public service sphere. But Tyreek's story wasn't aways so positive: He explained on the show that he was cared for as a child by a beloved family friend, Ruth, but things fell apart and they lost touch when he was 11. Following that, Tyreek faced an unstable family life, and later, homelessness.

Despite these struggles, Tyreek graduated high school (where the drop-out rate was 50%), got an apartment of his own, and became a founding member of The Block Gives Back — a nonprofit that aims to "promote community involvement and engagement throughout Philadelphia." He also started to work at Mighty Writers, a nonprofit teaching kids literary skills.

Throughout his episode of Queer Eye, Tyreek got a new wardrobe, cleaned up his house, learned more about cooking, reconnected with Ruth, and began to get his finances in order. Following all that, fans have been hoping life continued to go smoothly for him.

Tyreek's Instagram is set to private, but the social profiles of the organizations he's involved with show he remains very active in his community following Queer Eye.

Posts from April on the Mighty Writers Facebook and Instagram pages show Tyreek providing free food to families in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Not only do these posts show Tyreek is continuing to do what he loves, but they also reveal he's keeping up with the style and grooming advice Tan and Jonathan gave him in the episode.

The Block Gives Back's Instagram page also provides insight into Tyreek's other nonprofit endeavor, which, according to the organization's website and social media posts, Tyreek is still a part of. Within the past year, The Block Gives Back has hosted a variety of community activities, including regular "feed the block" events, school-supply drives, and end-of-year care package distributions .

Though it's unclear what Tyreek's personal life is like these days, here's hoping he's continuing to not only spread positiviy to others, but to himself as well.

Queer Eye Season 5 is now available on Netflix.