Tom Brady's Net Worth Will Make You Wish You Knew How To Play Football

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Tom Brady is one of the most recognizable names in football. He should be, too — it's rare that a player spends his entire career on a single team, winning Super Bowl after Super Bowl. He has more rings than any quarterback in history (five) and has been named Super Bowl MVP more than any player, ever. That sort of name recognition also brings endorsements on top of his salary, making him one of the highest-earning football stars in the United States. So, what is Tom Brady's net worth?

Last year, after winning his fifth Super Bowl since that first magical 2002 season, Sports Illustrated ranked Brady the 15th highest paid athlete in the country, with $44 million earned in 2016. That included part of the two-year contract extension which kept him with the Patriots through the end of the 2018 season (next year), plus all his endorsements, which are in the $7 million range and include Movado, Under Armour, and Ugg.

That may seem oddly small next to his salary, but football endorsements aren't like, say, the Olympics, or tennis endorsements. In sports where the individual achiever is the one who shines, the endorsement deals are much higher. Despite Tom Brady being a large name, football is still a team sport, with no player bigger than those they are surrounded by. That makes their earning potential off-field much smaller while they're still playing. According to CNBC, $7 million is actually quite high for someone in his sport. (Peyton Manning makes the most, with $12 million. That Nationwide song pays really well.)

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But that's only his year-to-year worth. What's his all-time net worth? Current estimates by Celebrity Net Worth put him as being worth $180 million. That might sound like a lot, but Brady isn't the major breadwinner in the family. That honor goes to Gisele Bündchen, the Brazilian supermodel he's been married to since 2009. Her net worth is more than double his at $380 million. And she doesn't even have to have to get hit in the head every Sunday for it.

Put together, the Brady-Bündchen family is worth $560 million. But they're not rich and distant parents. Between them, they have three children — Vivian Lake Brady, Benjamin Brady, plus John Edward Thomas Moynahan (Brady's son with his ex, Bridget Moynahan). Despite the money and the fame, they work hard to keep their family protected from the press. Brady famously cut his weekly interview with WEEI sports radio host Alex Reimer a few weeks ago, when Reimer called Brady's daughter "annoying" in a video and a "pissant." (For the record, his daughter is five.) Reimer wound up suspended. The message: Don't screw with Brady's kids.

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Like most stars, Tom Brady gives a portion of these earnings to charity, though he's not one to diversify and give to a lot of different ones. The big four he gives to are Best Buddies International, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, the Entertainment Industry Foundation, and KaBOOM! This past year, he also stepped up and gave money to the relief fund created by Houston Texans player J.J. Watt to bring relief after Hurricane Harvey's devastation this past fall.

With a possible sixth ring coming his way on Feb. 4 in Super Bowl LII, Brady's earnings will most likely continue to rise and his net worth grow even more. And once he does retire from the Patriots, his value will shoot up again, as TV networks will most likely fight for the right to have him on as commentator. And he won't even have to be hit in the head for it.